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    National Cousins Day is an opportunity to express your love and gratitude to your extended family. The day was founded by artist W. Clement Stone with the mission of recognizing and honoring family ties that have come before. Unlike many occasions, where people just give cards as a token of affection, Cousins Day recognizes those who make it from long distances to share a great family experience. To celebrate this occasion, take some time over the telephone to speak with your extended family members and hand them a free National Cousins Day card!

    Happy Cousins Day 2021

    The first official celebration of Canada’s national day came about on 1st July 1867 at the time of the Federation of Canada when the then-new Reform government wished to recognize Canada as a nation. Over the years many related events have taken place, some particularly important and significant ones include the Langevin Bill, Canada’s first election (although it did not take place until May 7th), the Winter Olympics (although it was canceled before it could take place because of extreme cold weather), and the Vancouver Winter Olympics of 1992 which were notably canceled by the government due to severe weather conditions. See Canada Day History for more information. In recent years, however, events like the Pan American Games, the Olympic Games, and the FIFA World Cup Soccer tournaments have taken place. Also important is the fact that Canada became a financially stronger country in the past few years as a result of increased growth and development, especially in the energy sector.

    Although Canada has not hosted a sporting international for over two hundred years, it did become a very successful sport in the early part of the twentieth century as a result of the growth of its national rugby league, and later, hockey, both of which enjoyed unprecedented popularity. The most famous of these was the Canadian Football League, which enjoyed unprecedented popularity in the latter part of the twentieth century, drawing an amazing television audience and public attention. As a result, July 3rd is considered Canada Day in Canada, when all companies and organizations offer a ‘job well done to employees, or celebrate Canada Day with public celebrations and events.

    Canada Day is also known as Canada’s national holiday, as well as the birthstone for those who possess the age of one hundred and eighteen. On this day, Canada’s flag is also raised to half-staff, and all public places are closed, except for certain church services and public celebrations, including the broadcast of the Winter Olympics. On July 3rd, all federal, provincial, and municipal departments and offices observe Canada Day, in a display of their unity and commitment to the values that the country is founded upon. A number of cultural events are held, including music and dance recitals, parades, garden parties, food festivals, and much more.

    Canada Day 2021

    Happy Father’s Day! It is that time of the year when we pause to give thanks to our heroes – dad. After all, our fathers have been there for us when we couldn’t be there – when we were sick, when we lost our aunts or our brothers, when we got in trouble, etc. Dads are our rock and our fortress. They raise us up, they care for us, and we know that without our daddies, life would be so very different.

    So, happy Father’s Day! We bow down before father’s day – we praise the generations of our ancestors that came before us, we celebrate their sacrifices, their hardworking, their valor, and their love. And we also honor the privilege of being their sons or daughters, as we join our ranks of other parents in giving their kids a better life. Father’s Day should be a time to recognize the work that our forefathers have done in preceding generations, a time to honor their good genes – the legacy of our genealogy.

    On the third Sunday of June, we pause for a while and let go of some old emotional baggage that has accumulated over the years. The greatest joy in this process is the fact that we get to decide how we want to edit the past. We can decide how we would like to edit the past. We can decide how we want to edit the present. We can even decide how we want to edit the future.

    Happy Father’s Day 2021