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1st Week Assignment 2023 PDF File Download [Class 6, 7, 8, 9]

1st Week Assignment 2023 PDF File can Download from here. Class 6, 7, 8 & 9 Assignment Syllabus & Question PDF File is available here to Download. We have already added all Class Assignment with Solution on this Website. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has published assignments for sixth to ninth grades in 2023 as in 2023 to assess the students as all educational institutions in Bangladesh are closed to eradicate social infection due to the epidemic of Covid 19 or Coronavirus. Due to the closure of the educational institution for a long time, the students are suffering a great loss in their studies.

Students are given the opportunity to pass the next class on the basis of the assignment immediately after the start of teaching. A syllabus for 30 working days has been created from the student textbook. This assignment will start on 20th March. Which will continue till 21 weeks. Students of class VI to IX from 2023 will be assessed through assignments without any examination.

DSHE 1st Week Assignment 2023

In light of this decision, assignments for the sixth to ninth class will be published every week. Students will collect these assignments at the beginning of the week from the website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education or from their respective educational institutions. Then the answer has to be written and submitted to the designated teacher within the specified date at the end of the week.

Class 6 First Week Assignment 2023 PDF Download

Class 6 Students can Download their First Week Assignment Syllabus & question from the Official Website of DSHE. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has already published the file on their Official Website.

Class 7 Assignment 2023 PDF Download 1st Week

Last year, the students who complete their Class 6 by submitting Assignment, they need to complete the Assignment early in this New Class. We highly recommend you visiting the Class 7 Assignment post to download the Assignment file directly.

1st Week Assignment 2023 Class 8 PDF File

Class 8 students or Junior School Certificate candidates need to complete their Class 8 Assignment 2023 of First Period early of March 2023. Already 1st Week Assignment has published on the official Website. Now, all students can Download the Assignment Plan (Syllabus) to get the Schedule quickly.

Class 9 Assignment 2023 PDF (1st Week)

Class 9 Students are welcome here to get their Class 9 Assignment PDF copy. We have already downloaded the PDF File from the DSHE Official Website and It is now available here. All the students of Guardians can download the file of 1st Week Assignment 2023 from this Website.

First Week Assignment 2023 PDF Download

The first-week assignment of students from 6th to 9th class in the 2023 academic year is published on 16th March 2023. So to keep the students connected with the education system, like 2023, this time again the students of the 2023 academic year have been given the opportunity to pass the next class. This means that the system of this assignment is basically introduced to keep every student involved with the textbook.

Download PDF File

If you can’t download the PDF file, you can see the image file directly from below. Also, we allow saving the Image of DSHE 1st Week Assignment 2023 from this content.

This assignment is basically to take the students to study properly without wasting their precious time and to develop a good relationship with the book. So there is no way to take the annual exams in the educational institution at the time of the coronation. So the next class will be passed through the assignment. So, the assignment is a kind of work that will help every student to keep up the pace of study.


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