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21 February is International Mother Language Day. We designed this post with 21 February Images, Pictures, Photos, Wishes, Quotes, Status, Message, and Wallpaper. The day is celebrated through various activities around the world. This day is recognized as an international day because of the devotion, respect and love for the Bengali language. This day is celebrated in Bangladesh as well as in different countries of the world. One of the specialities of celebrating this day is to pay homage to the language martyrs. Shaheed Minar is in popular places including all educational institutions of the country. People from all walks of life including students paid homage to the language martyrs by laying flowers at the Shaheed Minar.

It has been going on for a long time. Although Islam says that laying flowers on the memorial pillars of the language barefoot does not benefit them, big people commit big sins like shirk. It is better to feed and give alms to the poor and helpless people in the name of martyrs. Even after knowing so much, if you want to celebrate 21 February, you can celebrate 21 February by following the mentioned medium.

21 February Status, Wishes & Message 2023

International Mother Language Day is celebrated on 21st February every year by paying homage to the language martyrs. This day was originally celebrated around the language movement of 1952. It was later considered a public holiday due to its international recognition. So, 21 February is a public holiday in Bangladesh. As all the offices including educational institutions are closed, there was a lot of response to the celebration of the day. If you want to celebrate this day, you can greet everyone by sharing one of the following statuses on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account.

21 February Images, Picture, Photos & Wallpaper Download 2023

In terms of popularity, images or pictures have taken the top spot. Because pictures speak to the mind and it is used as a significant means of expression. An interesting picture made with a beautiful caption easily grabs everyone’s attention and attracts attention. So to celebrate this great International Mother Language Day we have collected some important and popular pictures.

These pictures will help you a lot to celebrate this day. You can use the photos of 21 February as your profile photo or as a cover photo at the same time. If you want to greet your special person or special people on this day, you can successfully celebrate the day using the pictures given below. You can also use Pinterest or Google Image Search Engine to collect as many images as you like. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Happy International Mother Language Day 2023

This is one of the national days of Bangladesh because this day has given us a taste of our mother tongue Bengali. If it were not for the language movement of 21st February 1952, we might not be able to speak Bengali today. You are communicating with your loved ones how sweet this language is. Have you ever wondered how much the contribution of those who gave their lives for the language? Is it like denying their contribution? If not, remember the contribution of all those language martyrs through a greeting.

If you need anything more to celebrate the day, please do a Google search? Our real purpose is to inspire you to celebrate International Mother Language Day 2023. If you do not have everything you need for this post, you can celebrate the day with the help of other websites.

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