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2nd Week Assignment 2023 Answer Class 6, 7, 8 & 9

The deadly coronavirus invaded Bangladesh in 2023. Due to this cowardly nineteen or coronavirus, educational institutions at all levels in Bangladesh have been closed for a long time. So, in the second week, the assignment question papers have to be collected from their respective educational institutions or online. Importance of answer sheets of each assignment: Assignments have been published on five subjects from sixth to seventh grade and assignments on two subjects in eighth grade and three subjects in ninth grade.

The answers to the assignment should be written with equal importance on each subject. Assignments are the only means of assessing students in the Karna situation. So you have to write the answers to the assignment correctly. In some cases, brief and in some cases, analysis questions have been given. In that case, the answers to the questions have to be written correctly. In order to answer the short question, only the main point has to be written. On the other hand, for analytical questions, the answers to the questions have to be written step by step. Source:

2nd Week Assignment 2023 PDF

Then only the essay questions are mentioned on other topics. In that case, you have to write the letter in stages from the beginning. When writing the answer, you have to pay attention to the writing. Because if the handwriting is not beautiful, the assignment will not be good. For proper evaluation of the assignment, the handwriting must be neat and tidy.

Every human being is a worshiper of beauty. Teachers are no exception. So the answer sheet of the assignment has to be presented in the most beautiful and fluent language. The teacher likes it and he becomes fascinated. Then the answer sheet of that assignment will be properly evaluated. Otherwise, he will never be properly evaluated. Therefore, every student from sixth grade to ninth grade must know the rules of correct writing in the answer sheet.

You need to know where and how to start. The answer sheet for the assignment will never be marked. Because it spoils the beauty of the account and looks bad. It also significantly reduces the mark. Every student has to keep an eye on these aspects as well. Then different coloured pens or pencils cannot be used to design the answer sheets. Just need to use a black pen. Most importantly, a student will be verified by looking at this answer sheet. So in no way can these rules be broken in the answer sheet. Every student should present himself to the teacher in the best way. So every student has to take care of these issues.

2nd Week Assignment Answer

There will be a clear description of the problem. There will be a definition of the words used in the assignment. Then there may be meaning and background or any other subject. The bottom line is that the introduction will have a rough idea of ​​the assignment. The main part: The passage of the subject must be done by refuting the argument of this part. The problem described in the introduction needs to be discussed in detail here. The main part of the whole assignment will be here. After all, the centerpiece of the assignment is the core. The whole thing will be beautifully presented here.

Here the observation will present the results of the research topic. It may also have problem solving or problem direction. Or it may have recommendations. This is the content of the conclusion. Therefore, it can be said in the end that if the students of class VI to IX present the answer sheet of the second week assignment in this way, they will be expected to get an accurate and proper assessment.


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