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Abbie Cornish Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Facts & Life Story

Abbie Cornish has been described by media personalities as a beautiful woman with perfect genes for beauty. She was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is the daughter of a prominent local lawyer. Abbie was raised in the midst of Australian film and TV stars and spent many years living in London as a child. Since moving to Los Angeles, Abbie has appeared in several popular TV shows and movies, including Psych, The X-Files and has been nominated four times for an MTV Movie Award for her role as Ariel Strumov.


Abbie Cornish is currently 38 according to her birthdate August 07, 1982

Sun Sign


Born Place

Lochinvar, New South Wales, Australia




5 ft 8 in or 173 cm


59 kg or 130 pounds

Abbie Cornish’s official online social media profile states that she is a thirty-two-year-old mother of two children, aged eight and six. Abbie Cornish has been described by other online users as a bubbly person who enjoys traveling and enjoying life. Her listed social media profiles reveal that Abbie is currently studying abroad in Paris, France while working towards becoming a practicing attorney. Abbie Cornish family members have also confirmed that Abbie is one half of the Cornish/Carnival family, and that she lives in Australia.

Abbie Cornish’s most widely known film credits include the films “Sidious”, “The Secret” and “Point Break”. In addition to her role as Ariel Strumov in the films, Abbie spent three years with the television programme Dancing With The Stars. Abbie’s net worth is likely derived from her association with the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars. Abbie is currently the fourth favourite celebrity in the UK on Top of the Celebrity list, coming in after outgoing celebrities Britain and America. Abbie Cornish’s family, friends and fans have been paying close attention to Abbie Cornish’s recent media appearances and are speculating about what they could mean for Abbie Cornish net worth.

One theory circulating around social media is that Abbie has been receiving a large number of birthday wishes from fans who have ordered her latest CD, which is due to be released in September. Another theory is that Abbie Cornish has gained an increased number of followers on Instagram, leading to them being seen more often by fans and potential customers. Abbie Cornish does not post on Instagram and has not released any new Instagram images since the Instagram account was disabled by Facebook for a month in July. Abbie Cornish did however confirm in one of the television programs that she was still studying abroad in Paris, though she refused to give any details.

It is also possible that Abbie Cornish has been recently injured whilst on tour, in the same way that Laura Ashley was in April this year. Laura suffered an injury to the back while playing a show at one of London’s venues, whilst Abbie spent time in hospital recovering from the injury. Abbie Cornish has not released any pictures or videos of herself since injuring, though it would be unsurprising if she were to make any comments about the injury on either her twitter account or Instagram page since the accident. Abbie Cornish has not released any pictures of the incident on either Instagram or her twitter account since the accident, nor has she made any tweets regarding the matter.

The last theory surrounding Abbie Cornish’s recent career is that she may be related to the Howland Chamberlain, a famous British film director. The Howland Chamberlain is well-known for his films such as King David, Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, Tinkerbell, Mulan, comedies Cleopatra, and others. If this is the case Abbie Cornish may have been hired by the Howland Chamberlain due to her talent for dancing. Abbie has not released any photos or videos of herself working with the Howland Chamberlain, though one was recently released on YouTube. However, it is known that Abbie attended the London film festival where she appeared alongside members of the Royal Ballet, which may indicate that she is linked to the Royal Court as she is a dancer.

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