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Adia Chan Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Adia Chan was born in September 1998 in the city of Hong Kong. She is currently married to Hong Kong actor Andy Lau. She is of Chinese descent. Adia Chan is a multi-faceted performer who has been able to forge her own individual identity.

Adia Chan became interested in acting at a very young age. She attended the Beijing University of Arts for two years and then pursued a degree in communication at the University of Hong Kong. Chan was one of the first female students of thezhang yanghui, known as the leading ladies of modern China.

Chan was studying English when the Chinese government announced that the character she had been playing in the popular Hong Kong TV series, The Devil’s Advocate, would be officially changed to Adia Chan. The character had previously been played by a man with the same name, called Huang Pei, and this name had recently been changed to Adia Chan. The change meant that Adia would have an entirely new identity, different from her previous appearances on screen. It also meant that the actor would have to change her name. Adia Chan became Adia Chowdhry after her identity was officially changed.

Short Profile
First Name Adia
Last Name Chan
Profession Actor
Age 48 years old
Birth Sign Aquarius
Birth Date January 21, 1971
Birth Place Jakarta
Country People’s Republic of China

As mentioned above, Chan’s stage name is Adia Chan. But did you know that her real name is Adia Devi? In fact, the real Adia Chan was married in the ancient Hindu religion to Chandranath Tagores, the seventh Lord of the Hindu Dynasty. It is interesting to note that both her English name Adia Chan, and her Hindu stage name, Adia Devi, are based on the same character.

Chan’s parents were both Hindus and from what I can gather from information, Adia was very religious as a child. She grew up in Hong Kong and learned the spoken Chinese language from her father. If you do a search for Adia Chan in the Chinese internet, you will find that she used her given English name, Adia Devi, throughout her acting career. There is even a picture of her at one time posing with a white face: Adia Chowdhry. This is a nice little touch by director Mike de Leon on the movie Who Is Adia Chan?

Adia Chan has gone on to receive numerous awards for her acting career, most notably for her role as Wu Gui in the Chinese movie The Mountain Saga (her first ever role!) She also received an award for Best Actress in the Television Series King of the Hill. Adia Chan is best known from the television program King of the Hill as an aging Chinese actress who lives in a small town in the hills of California. If you have not seen the show, it is highly recommended. Adia Chan is my favorite Chinese actresses and she deserves all the awards and accolades that she has been given!


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