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Aditi Rao is an Indian movie actress, model, and dancer who have gone on to fame in India, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. She is also popular in Bollywood, where she is known for her glamorous good looks and dark complexions. Aditi was born in a small village called Chittorgarh in West Bengal, India and grew up in a local household. Her childhood and early teenage years are marked by poverty, which led her to studying at Ravi Rehabilitation colony, Government School, and Alleppey Senior Secondary School, where she excelled in subjects such as mathematics, Hindi, and English.

Aditi Rao Hydari’s official birth record says that she was born in 1887 at Alleppey in West Bengal and was described as being “a typical child of her age”. Aditi’s parents were well known for their conservative and traditional values and it is therefore not surprising that she did not enjoy the kind of freedom that other children of her age enjoyed. Aditi’s parents divorced when she was young, but she always remained deeply in love with her mother, who died when she was just twenty-one.

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Aditi began to develop a love affair with Prabhas, a popular socialite in her area, whom she would visit for entertainment purposes. When Aditi was sixteen, she got herself cast as one of the main characters in the first ever Hindi movie, “Chak De! India” (The Queen! ), which was produced by none other than Bhisham Gita. After the movie was released, Aditi’s career took off and she began appearing in many more popular movies including “Chak De! India”, “Kissi”, “Chup Chup”,” Shiva” and many others.

In all this time, however, Aditi has hardly been able to forget her Hyderabad childhood, and she was seen flaunting the same platinum blonde hair cut that she grew up with. On 28 October, Aditi was spotted at a party in a New Delhi hotel in a frilly pink dress, accompanied by several members of her family. However, sources say that Aditi was completely unaware of who her guests were, as she was enjoying her birthday with her friends. The crowd grew excited as Aditi walked towards them and started singing and clapping her hands, which is when her father chanced into the gathering and introduced her to his daughter.

Aditi’s birthday is actually celebrated on the same day of the Hindu month Shravan. The festivities associated with Aditi’s birthday are spread out over three days, with her birthday cake being served to everybody at her party, and her party theme being “Tribal Family Unity Day.” Aditi’s birthday cake is composed of mithayi chilies, puffed rice, and ‘mangka’ cakes, all of which are believed to be representative of the gods of the different clan. Aditi is also surrounded by her family in a large group of her relatives, all of whom are shouting her birthday cheers as she walks towards the stage.

Aditi was busy collecting gifts for everybody when her sister Sanjay called her from the living room. Sanjay had brought Aditi’s mother and grandmother for the occasion, and after greeting everyone, he asked Aditi’s permission to bring her to the Veliyidai Park, where the Veliyidai Foundation conducts an annual program on “Building Healthy Nations.” While speaking with Aditi, Sanjay also informed her about the organization that she is going to join shortly, and which would give her a chance to help a village in eastern India that needs support after an earthquake.