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Aditya Novika Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Aditya Novika is the real life name of Indonesian actress, singer and model, Aditya Novakos. She is better known for her starring role as Vika Aditya in Ramadan television show, Lorong Waktu. She has also appeared in the final three episodes of the award winning Putri Indonesia Yogyakart Indonesia. Also, she is a popular face on the Singapore coffee shops as Aditya Nerunne.

Aditya Novika was born in Cavite during working in the movie industry in Malaysia. It was here where she honed her skills as an actress and show actress. She went to the London School of Economics and studied law and English. After graduation, she joined the prestigious Aditya Novika Productions, a popular television production company based in Singapore.

In 1986, she began to act in a television commercial for Jumla, an instant weight loss drink. After some time, she became a regular in Putra Indonesia Yogyakart Indonesia, or Jumla, as it is commonly called. She appeared in different serials, which are the Ramadan, The Nanny, The Private Woman, The Edge of Paradise, Brides of Dracula and several others. Most of these serials were produced by Putra Indonesia.

She later went to be part of the Ramadan team, which has been successful in creating successful serial TV in Indonesia. The TV serial ini is named Jumla. The show, which is filmed in and around Jakarta, has been a great hit. Aditya Novika’s role as the lead character was one of the most popular female characters in that show. She has played the role of the lead character in many more Jumla serials, as well as in Brides of Dracula.

Aditya Novikasari

November 6, 1982 (age 38)

Yogyakarta, Special Region of Yogyakarta
Nationality Indonesia
Other names Vika Aditya
Alma mater Sekolah Tinggi Multi Media Yogyakarta
Occupation Actress, model
Known for Cast as Sabrina in Lorong Waktu
Children 2

A second major role that Aditya Novika has taken up was as one of the main characters in the groundbreaking telengana soap opera, Ramban. The Ramban serial is so popular that it has been turned into a feature-length film. Aditya Novika also made a few appearances in other famous serials like The Private Life of Mrs. Doolittle, Rahu Anand, and Mankai. She was also in some movies, including The Damned United, which was released in 1970. She had a major role in the movie Mandaev, which was released in 1980.

After her extensive involvement in both Ramban and Rambo, Aditya Novika is now involved with another popular soap, Koffi. This soap is a remake of an old story about a girl who falls in love with a rich Telengana boy. Aditya has been playing the lead role in three different episodes, and she is currently on her third season. Koffi, which is airing its fourth season, is a contemporary version of the classic Mankai PC fantasy movie, which was remade as a TV serials in Indonesia. Popular characters in this soap include Mankai PC, a powerful prince who rules the town, along with his three maids; Andi, an enchantress, and her loyal assistant, Mumtaz, played by Priscilla, an enchantress who has feelings for him but is forced to marry him at birth; Niki, a scholar, and a martial arts expert; and finally, there’s Karina, a dancer and martial artist who is the mother of one of the main characters in the story.


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