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Adrien Rabiot Net Worth, age, height, weight, religion, position, wife, & more

Adrien Rabiot is a famous French tennis star who plays for France’s Adrien Rabiot Tennis Club. Adrien Rabiot made his international professional debut at the 1997 U.S. Open. Adrien Rabiot is currently ranked number four in the world and has played at the top of the rankings for many years. Adrien Rabiot facts are important to those interested in learning more about this famous tennis player.

Adrien Rabiot was born in Saint-Maurice-les-Bains, France on 3 April 1996. Adrien Rabiot’s given name is Adrien Rabiot-Gagos. Adrien Rabiot’s birth date is extremely important as it is when his career started. Adrien Rabiot was born into a family that had played tennis professionally and he began playing tennis at an early age of four. Adrien Rabiot facts include his birth place, how he became so good at tennis and where he went to school.

Adrien Rabiot first played for Saint-Germain in the mid 90s before moving toologne and then Monaco. He signed a three year contract with FC Barcelona from Saint-Germain in the winter of 2021 and has not looked back. Adrien Rabiot was part of a large transfer window deal that involved Newcastle United, Arsenal, PSV Eindhoven, Napoli and Inter Milan. However he chose to join Bordeaux in the summer of 2021 and has impressed at right back and centre back.

Adrien Rabiot first came on as a substitute for Juanito Boateng in the defeat at the Emirates in the previous round of the cup. Despite this Boateng was given a wildcard and an unnecessary sending off. Adrien Rabiot impressed in the opening game against Wolves and impressed again in the subsequent matches against Watford, Newcastle and Leicester. It seems that Adrien Rabiot has become a much-coveted target by clubs throughout Europe and beyond and many expect him to be in line for a place in Spain’s national team. Should such a reputation have been generated by an indifferent season at Bordeaux or would this prospect be better served by another centre back or left-back?

Firstname: Adrien
Surname: Rabiot
Team: Juventus
National:  France
Height: 188cm
Weight: 71kg
Birth date: 1995-04-03 (26 years old)

Adrien Rabiot started a promising career at Rennes, where he established himself as a regular starting right-back, right wing and left back and impressed during his two seasons with the club. However he did not play in a competitive match until the 2021/10 season where he impressed during a 1-1 draw with eventual champions Rennes and then started just one league match before being dropped. It would have been unfair on Rabiot if he was selected ahead of some players who performed well at that time such as Samuel Eto’o Fils and then Didier Drogba. Adrien Rabiot’s best chance of international football now appears to be with France. This is possibly due to the fact that during the 2021/10 season many foreign coaches were sent to France in an attempt to strengthen the French team and Adrien Rabiot fits into this mould.

Adrien Rabiot also enjoyed a great season at Rennes where he scored four goals in only eleven matches and also picked up assists in seven games. However in the 2021/11 season Adrien Rabiot started slowly and only played five games that did not even feature in the league for the first time since his move from Rennes. It is this down turn that may have caused Adrien Rabiot to leave French football and seek opportunities abroad.

Adrien Rabiot would be a good player for PS G needing somebody to provide strength in the middle. Adrien Rabiot also has the ability to play on the wing but does not have the right skills to play centrally so that role is probably already held by someone else in the team. Adrien Rabiot has also played wide right-back in his time at Rennes but does not have the same range of passing as an attacking right-back does. Adrien Rabiot’s best attribute is probably his work rate, which is very high for a player who does not enjoy playing right-back. Adrien Rabiot will have to show himself to the France coach that he can be used in any position across the defence as he has done at Rennes and already with PS G.

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