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Aileen Tan Net Worth 2023, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Family

Aileen Tan has been cast as the lead character in the upcoming MIB: Men’s Army movie. Aileen Tan’s talent for acting was very early discovered when she appeared in various Chinese shows. She then moved on to be recognized by the director and producers of such shows as Legend of the Three Musketeers and eventually became known to the world through the movie Kung Mangarap Kaasikool. Aileen Tan has also acted in some TV serials and movies. Aileen Tan Wiki is Aileen Tan’s encyclopedia on the roles and people that she has played. Aileen Tan Wiki is designed to give information about Aileen Tan and her varied roles in films and television.

Real Name Aileen Tan
Occupation actor
Nationality Singapore
Date of Birth 1966/10/18
Birth Year 1966
Birth Month 10
Birth day 18
Age 54
First Name Aileen
Last Name NA
Gender female
Place of Birth Singapore
IMDB details nm0848817
Awards Receieved
Languages spoke and written
Work start period 1988-01-01T00:00:00Z

Aileen Tan’s real name is Aileen Tan Chee. Aileen Tan was born on October 18, 1966 in Singapore. Aileen Tan was named Aileen Tan after her grandmother, who was the first woman to learn how to sing in Cantonese. Aileen Tan’s birthday is also on October 18. Aileen Tan’s net worth is reportedly $6 million. Aileen Tan has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Aileen Tan has many honors and awards to her credit. Aileen Tan has received many awards for her roles in films and television including an Honorary Academy Award for Best Actress in Leading Role, an Order of the British empire OBE and is a nominee for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Aileen Tan was also one of the few female actors to be chosen for the role of the main protagonist in the Chinese film “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” which is an award-winning blockbuster movie. Aileen Tan has also received an OSE (order of the British empire) for her services to the film industry. Aileen Tan became the first out Asian female star to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Aileen Tan has been nominated several times for various award shows and has become one of the best known Singlish actresses in the world. She was also nominated for the same award for her performance in the film “Singapore: A Brief History of Singapore”. Aileen Tan was one of the popular Singaporean actresses to feature in a remake of the popular Chinese film “Qiantang Chowk Shi Bu” or “The Man from Hong Kong” which was released in late 1997. Aileen Tan has also been nominated several times for the best supporting actress award at the Satellite Awards, which is an award given by the public at the Cannes film festival.

Aileen Tan has been busy making movies since she was a student at the Royal School of Theatre in Malaysia. Her first major role in a movie was playing the lead role in the animated science fiction film “Revenge of Monkey Fist” which was made by Dreamworks and released in 1998. Aileen Tan went on to play the lead role in the fantasy romantic comedy “Million Dollar Baby” with Reese Witherspoon and Kevin Spacey in theaters while she continued to work on various movies including the action-adventure “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” with Robert Downey Jr. and Disney. Aileen Tan also starred in the action-thriller “The Replacements” alongside Brad Pitt angle Benzalan and the action-thriller “Point Break” with James Bond Girl Anne Hathaway.

Aileen Tan has been quoted as saying that although she enjoys acting and doing what she does best, earning a good and healthy living is still her ultimate goal. Aileen Tan was married to Malaysian businessman Wee Yean Een while they were together. Aileen Tan has four children with Wee Yean Een as the husband and two of them are grown while the other two remain children at heart. Aileen Tan’s love life is interesting as she has been known to date Hollywood A-list celebrities. Aileen Tan’s son Jazzy could be seen alongside his mother in one of Aileen Tan’s movies where Aileen Tan played the role of a parent trying to raise their son Jazzy while juggling in the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother.


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