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Airtel Matching Number 2023: SIM Price, Call Rate, Internet Offer

Buy Airtel Matching Number 2023 with your own Choice. Airtel a child Brand of Robi is now providing Matching Number for its customer. Interest customer can get a Matching Airtel Number with their own choice. All Robi Sheba & Airtel Care is providing this. So, you need to visit WIC to get matching number. There is some guideline for you. We’ll share everything which you need to know. In the last week, we published a content Robi Matching Number. All Mobile users are collecting Matching Number of Robi with their own choice. This time user can take Airtel Number.

Airtel (Robi) is the 2nd Largest Telecom Operator in Bangladesh. They are improving Day by Day. Many High Valued customers are available on this Network. So, If you don’t have an Airtel connection, this time you can make your Own number Airtel connection. Let’s start following our Guideline.

Airtel Matching Number Checking Process

Airtel doesn’t provide any system to check Matching Number from customer end. The customer needs to make a list of their Dream Number. Then, visit nearest Robi Sheba or Airtel care to ask the Service provider Agent to availability of chosen number. Currently, Airtel Matching number can activate with 01601 Prefix. So, customer can choose the last 6 digits only.

Matching Number SIM Price

The SIM Price for Matching Number is BDT 200. It is same as the Airtel New SIM Price. You know this well that how many offers available on New Connection. It is the official Price of Airtel. When you will buy a SIM from a Retailer shop, you may receive some discount from them. That means the Retailer discount some amount from their Profit Percentage.

Activation Bonus

After activating your Matching connection, you will get 5 TK in your Main Account. Also 50 MB Free Internet, and 72 Paisa per Minute Default Call Rate. If you want 41 TK as First Recharge, you will get some additional benefits on your connection.

41 TK First Recharge Offer

We recommend you getting 41 TK Recharge Offer. After recharging this Amount, you will get the following benefits. Talk Time Minutes, Free Internet, Lowest Call Rate Offer, Special Internet offer and Main Account Balance Everything is available on 41 TK Recharge. So, you will get the following Bonus instantly:

  • 30 TK in Main Account (*778# or *1#)
  • 15 Minute Talk Time for 10 Days (*778*2525#)
  • 2 GB Free Internet for 7 Days (*8444*88# or *3#)
  • 1GB Internet at 9 TK Offer (10 Times)
  • 48 Paisa Minutes Call Rate Offer (90 Days)
  • 3 GB Internet at 54 TK Offer (Unlimited Times, 3 Months)

Airtel Free 6 GB Internet Offer 2023

Airtel Customers who Purchase a Matching SIM can get Free 6 GB Internet (1 GB Per Month). No Charge is available for this offer. Just dial a short code and get your Bonus. This is an amazing Internet Offer for New Airtel customers. So, you can dial *121*889# from your Airtel SIM to get 1 GB Internet of Free! Every Calendar Month, you will get 1 GB Internet by dialling this Code.

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