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Alassane Plea Net Worth, age, height, weight, religion, position, wife & more

Alassane Plea is a famous Serous leukaemia patient who also fought and defeated cancer. It is truly a remarkable case of a leukemia victim who actually reached a point when he actually wanted to end his life due to the disease. In fact, the very moment that he started fighting leukemia, he had his mind made up that he would give up on life despite of the fact that the condition did not get any better. It is really hard for any person to give up when things look so bleak, but Alassane Plea made such an audacious decision to fight for his life. The fact that he did not die despite of the fact that the doctors were not optimistic about curing the leukemia is quite an inspiring example.

Firstname: Alassane
Surname: Plea
Team: Borussia Moenchengladbach
National:  France
Position: Forward
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Birth date: 1993-03-10 (28 years old)

Alassane Plea did not expect his condition to progress to the extent that it did. He did not expect the cancer to spread inside his lung or in his bones. However, once it spread, his body failed to respond to the treatment thus he was forced to opt for hospice. This made him think about his fight against cancer, despite the fact that he already knew that he would not be able to win the battle. He had been so inspired by the early days of his fight against Leukaemia that he even considered following his father who had been an avid Leukaemia patient.

Alassane Plea had a bone marrow transplant that enabled him to fight off his leukaemia effectively. Once he fully recovered from his leukaemia, he did not slow down on the exercises that he does to keep his muscles in shape. He even participates in a variety of martial arts activities so as to keep his body in good shape. The remarkable thing about Alassane Plea is that he never allowed his leukaemia to interfere with the positive changes that he wanted to make in his life.

Alassane Plea was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of twenty-three. At first, he did not know what to expect from his condition; however, upon further examination of his blood cells, he discovered that he had a high count of leukemia cells in his blood. Alassane Plea has always remained calm even during times of great stress. He knows that his leukaemia will not kill him even if it targets his liver and other vital organs. Alassane Plea’s most important asset is the fact that he will always be determined in his quest to defeat the leukemia cells.

Alassane Plea is not a doctor; however, he has the skills of a good health practitioner. Through his own research, he was able to come up with a novel treatment for leukemia patients that involves the use of a specialised cream. By applying the cream on the top layer of the skin, he was able to control the spread of the cancer cells to other parts of his body such as the lungs, heart and bones. Alassane Plea’s success is not just remarkable but also because of the long years he has been battling this disease.

Like any cancer patient, Alassane Plea is constantly being monitored and updated on the latest in medical treatment for leukemia. Through this continuous effort, he is now able to control the number of cancer cells that are present in his body. In addition to that, he is now free of all side effects attributed to other cancer treatments. Alassane Plea’s whole family is now free from worry and stress, since there is no likelihood of Alassane Plea developing any of the complications of cancer such as brain tumours and leukaemia.

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