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Alexandra Daddario Net Worth 2021, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Family

Alexandra Daddario is a famous celebrity known for her many roles in television shows and movies. Alexandra Daddario is best known for her role as Tony Di Lemme in the award-winning movie, Leisure suitably named as Casino. Her other notable roles include Aliaspora in Law and Order, and The Perfect Score in Broadway. Alexandra Daddario has also achieved success in writing, producing, and directing several feature films. Alexandra Daddario facts show that she was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her birth date is October 31, 1966.

  • Full born name: Alexandra Anna Daddario
  • Nicknames: Alex
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Religion: Not Revealed
  • Date of birth: March 16, 1986
  • Birthplace: New York City, New York, U.S.
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Father name: Richard C. Daddario
  • Mother name: Christina Daddario
  • Siblings name: Catharine Daddario and Matthew Daddario
  • Spouse: Unmarried
  • Children: None

Early Life A young Alexandra daddario was a tomboy as a child who liked to play with dolls and play with water. As an adult, she became an accomplished and successful actress in many different mediums. She began her acting career in the late seventies and eighties, and was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Bill Clinton’s Blueshirt.

Early TV Appearance As an actress, Alexandra Daddario appeared in several different shows on daytime soap opera Toast of London. She had a recurring role as Corin in the final season of the show. Another early appearance came on the television series Xanga, which lasted for two seasons. She also had a role as extras during the seventh season of spinshow comedy The Office. Later in her career, Alexandra Daddario became one of the primary vocalists for the band One Republic.

Film Series Several of Alexandra Daddario’s films has made international headlines, including Kill Bill and Honeymoon in Paris. Her role as Billie Jean was one of the most celebrated Hollywood movie love affairs of all time. Her appearance in the film made her an instant hit in the United States and she was nominated for an Academy Award for the role. She also served a year on the television series Californians, playing the young wife of an aging couple.

Alexandra Daddario’s Social Media While her acting career has spanned the globe, her social media accounts reveal the true fans’ devotion. She is currently the president of Instagram and has more than ten million followers. The account has been used to share photos and stories from the shoot and to promote the brand. The most popular photo shared on the Instagram account is one showing a view of San Andres, shot by Alexandra Daddario.

Alexandra Daddario’s Filmography As a character actor, Alexandra Daddario has appeared in a number of diverse films. Some of her most notable roles include: Mad Dogs, Minority Report, Nobody Knows, A Better Man, Eat Pray Love, and Last Temptation. Her appearance in the Mad Dogs film marked the start of her association with Quentin Tarantino, and her role as Carol got her noticed by director Frank Capra. She played the same role in the later Tarantino directed movies, including Kill Bill, which earned her an Oscar nomination. She recently appeared in the TV series Every Housewife and continues to work with the director. She currently has no planned projects in the works.

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