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Alison Lohman Net Worth, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Alison Lohman is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished and popular female actors. She has achieved an impressive degree of success in both the film industry and the theater. She has been nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Supporting Actress in Cast, for her work in Romance, Confessions of a Cheap Girl, and For What It’s Worth. She has also won a number of other awards for her acting prowess including Golden Globe Awards, Satellite Awards, and additional prizes from other prestigious organizations.

However, much of Lohman’s success is not entirely on the stage. She continues to be an active and noteworthy member of our society, hosting her own talk shows on Yahoo! Live and frequently attending political and social gatherings in order to promote tolerance and awareness of pressing issues. Alison Lohman Net Worth Dating provides an inside look at the actress’ successes and challenges, while providing guidance on how you can follow in her footsteps.

Lohman started out as a secretary, working for a call center in Los Angeles. She rose through the ranks to become the show’s producer, acting in a number of prominent supporting roles, before landing the role ofswick assistant counsel to President Selina Kyle (Nellicut), which earned her a Golden Globe nomination. She then continued to rise through the ranks, taking on lead roles in subsequent episodes of The Office, All about Eve, Frasier, Deuce Bigalow, Housefull, Chuck and We’re Just Friends, Scrubs, and countless others. After enjoying quite a stardom for the first several years of her career, Lohman finally decided to pursue an acting career of her own, producing and writing for various networks and television stations. Her many credits also span credits on stage and screen, including Broadway plays It’s a Bird, The Secret Life of Bees, Take Me Home, and The Lion King, among others.

As a popular actress who has maintained a high profile over the years, Lohman definitely has the type of persona that people find attractive and intriguing. She has been married and divorced several times, most notably through a controversial divorce in the mid 90s with Tom Selleck, whom she had been dating since the early seventies. Though the two had been incredibly close, Selleck was accused of physically and emotionally abusing Lohman, whom he ultimately accused of sleeping with him on numerous occasions, as well as of threatening Lohman’s life in his divorce papers. It was later revealed that Selleck’s attorney, Anthony Iarbron, had discovered evidence which indicated that Selleck was not actually cheating on Lohman.

Popular AsAlison Marion Lohman
Age41 years old
Zodiac SignVirgo
Born18 September 1979
Birthday18 September
BirthplacePalm Springs, CA


Physical Status
Height5′ 2″
WeightNot Available
Body MeasurementsNot Available
Eye ColorNot Available
Hair ColorNot Available


ParentsNot Available
HusbandMark Neveldine (m. 2009)
SiblingNot Available
ChildrenBilly Neveldine

In terms of her acting career, Lohman is best known for her three honors and nominations which she earned for her starring role in Blades of Easa, A Time to Kill, and Tombstone. Her honors citation for Blades of Easa read “A beautiful young woman is caught between love and hate. When confronted with the terrible choice between peace and death, she chooses to embrace death”.

As an actor, Lohman has been nominated for awards fourteen times, including Best Actress in a Leading Role, winning accolades such as the Golden Globe Awards for Blades of Easa and For Your Eyes Only. Her other winning credits include Alias, End of Watch, Man on the Moon, and Pretty Woman. Alison Lohman’s notable role as Gloria Chanel in the Chicago movie about Chanel has made her a beloved member of the Chicagoland area and a name that is synonymous with high fashion. As a famous actress, it is expected that her autograph will fetch a premium price on the market. Her immense popularity and well-known faces have made her a true Hollywood icon and a very accomplished actress.

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