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Alisson Becker Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Weight & Wiki

Alisson Becker is a goalkeeper for FC Barcelona, the club with the most wins in the history of Spanish football. Being the goalkeeper represents one of the toughest positions on the field of play because it requires great concentration to keep the ball out of the opponents’ hands or to simply save the goal. He plays an outstanding role in filling the great task given by Blaugrana coach, Pep Guardiola. Alisson Becker has also become one of the crucial players of FC Barcelona’s first team and he has already established himself as a good goalkeeper in his first year of presence with the club. Alisson Becker facts reveal that Alisson Becker was once a swimmer at the University of Texas. Following his swimming experiences, Alisson Becker decided to turn professional soccer and signed for FC Barcelona as a player.

Quick Stats and Info

• Date of birth: 2 October 1992
• Age: 28 years old
• Place of birth: Novo Hamburgo, Brazil
• Nationality: Brazilian
• Height: 193cm / 6ft 4ins
• Weight: 91kg / 201 lbs
• Wages: Unknown

Alisson Becker’s football career started as a trainee with FC Barcelona. Alisson Becker played one season with the first team of the club, going on loan in the meantime. Alisson Becker spent the next two seasons with the reserve team, going on loan again, before finally signing a five-year contract with FC Barcelona as a goalkeeper. Alisson Becker’s first match for the club was against Eudeson FC in the league’s third qualifying round. Alisson Becker made three saves in the match, giving FC Barcelona their first win of the tournament.

Alisson Becker’s career has seen many ups and downs. Alisson Becker started off well but has since seen his playing career come to a halt due to injuries. Alisson Becker’s first and only visit to the doctor after injuring his foot in a training session came after an unsuccessful game against Indore in the FC Barcelona reserves. Alisson Becker has also been involved in a relationship break up with Toni Kroos due to their falling out of love. Alisson Becker’s career in Spain was marked by injuries, which kept him out of the national side, but his personal life was never affected.

Alisson Becker is listed as one of Spain’s leading goal keepers. Alisson Becker joined Almeria from Sevilla in 2021 and impressed the club’s management with his displays. Alisson Becker signed a five year contract with Almeria, where he spent half a season on loan before being sent on a permanent transfer in January 2021. Alisson Becker then signed a one year contract with Sevilla in August of that year. Alisson Becker is yet to feature for Spain in an international competition.

Alisson Becker’s net worth is not all that clear. His salary at Almeria was modest, as was his earnings from taking over the role of goalkeeper for Almeria during the transfer window. Alisson Becker’s only known girlfriend is Corin, who works in the local newspaper. Corin is believed to be Alisson Becker’s cousin, although this has not been confirmed. Becker’s father, Ramon, lives in southern Spain, whilst Alisson Becker has family in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia.

Alisson Becker’s net worth does not appear to be impacted by his involvement with the Spanish football team. Neither is it clear whether Alisson Becker is actually eligible to stand for Spain as he has not been registered as a professional player with the Spanish Football Association. Alisson Becker’s family are thought to be financially stable and his brother, Paco, is believed to be the main earning member in their household.

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