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Aloysius Pang Net Worth, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Aloysius Pang is an internationally acclaimed TV actor hailing from Singapore. He was born in 1990 and his birth town is Singapore. Aloysius Pang is best known as Singaporean actor known for his role as Ong Koo in the popular TV series Timeless Love. In recent past, Aloysius has featured in some movies and also received Golden Globe Awards for his role in Timeless Love and Baby Mama.

Aloysius Pang first appeared in the Chinese television series Micky Lee’s Kung Fu Panda as an adult. His first name then was Aloysius while his last name was Pang. Aloysius Pang later went on to star in the movie London Beach and earned good reviews for it. Aloysius Pang then went on to play a major role in the Singapore film musical comedy Kung Pow Enter the Humble Master. Aloysius Pang later went on to star in a number of movies in the Hollywood area.

Short Profile
First Name Aloysius
Last Name Pang
Profession TV Actor
Died Jan 24, 2019 ( age 28)
Birth Sign Virgo
Birth Date August 24, 1990
Birth Place Singapore
Country Singapore

Aloysius Pang then went on to star in the Chinese movie Love Actually opposite Michael Caine and later went on to star in the American television series Welcome Back Kotter alongside Matt Damon. Aloysius Pang later went on to star in the TV series The Blind Side opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, which he later played in the 2023 film of the same name. Aloysius Pang then starred in a number of Chinese film hero films including the remake of Man on Fire withung Kang Hong Kong and later China Kiss. Finally, Aloysius Pang made a name for himself as the host of the popular Mandarin talk show Welcome Home.

Aloysius Pang was born in 1942 in what was then still called Singapore and was one of eight children of a military family that came from rural north eastern China. Aloysius was apprenticed to a jeweller and rose to be known as one of the best jewellers in town. He later went on to become a renowned Singaporean actor and singer, who achieved worldwide success in both singing and acting career. Aloysius Pang was once again in the spotlight when he was selected as one of the replacements for Chow Tien Chau in the movie Last Vegas. Unfortunately, Aloysius Pang passed away at the age of 33 from a heart attack.

Aloysius Pang’s sudden rise to fame is perhaps understandable given his relatively short height. However, Aloysius Pang has achieved well above the average height for an Asian actor in spite of this. He is currently listed as the highest paid TV actor of all time, with an additional $3 million. If his current performance continues, then he may well take our tribute next year when he celebrates his seventieth birthday. The late Aloysius Pang was a firm favourite in the Singapore movie industry, making him a household name here in the decades that followed. His first major break into the movie business was in the late ’60s when he was in two films – One Against All and The Man With One Red Shoe.

Aloysius Pang went through a prolonged struggle to achieve international stardom, sometimes appearing less than adequately for his part. After appearing in only a handful of movies after leaving the television industry, Aloysius Pang finally found true stardom with the release of his second film – The Man With One Red Shoe. Since then, Aloysius Pang has gone on to star in multiple well-received films, including the award-winning Kung Mangue, alongside Sung Shi Won and Jing Sung. His role in the movie, which won him the most critical acclaim was that of a Chinese street urchin, who becomes romantically involved with a white American tourist (Choo Kay), just before the Chinese revolution. Aloysius Pang later returned to his role as the same pungent street urchin in the sequel to Kung Mangue, The Man With One Red Shoe. Though the film failed to capture the same critical acclaim as the Kung Mangue films, it nevertheless established Aloysius Pang as one of the most successful Chinese actors of modern times.


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