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Amanda Bynes Net Worth, Bio, Height, Relation, Age, Nationality

American actress Amanda Bynes has been in the news quite a lot lately. Not only for her acting prowess but also for health and controversial lifestyle. She was actually born on 3rd July 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California, and rose to popularity as a teen star. She has achieved success throughout her acting career, but has also gained notoriety for being involved in drugs and partying. Her father was in a drug trial at the time of her birth and has confirmed that she had seen an early appearance of acne.

Amanda Bynes net worth is difficult to ascertain as it varies significantly from year to year. She has appeared in several films, including dramas and comedy roles, but has mostly appeared in comedies. She did however feature in the award winning documentary Waiting For The Superman Movie, which was directed by Brett Ratner. Amanda Bynes appeared in the first of the Batman movies, The Dark Knight, playing Cat Woman.

Her early life was full of tragedy, as her mother was a drug addict and suffered for it. She also appeared in some TV shows, such as M.A.S.H and ER. Later on, her family lived in Long Island, New York, and she attended college in upstate New York. Her family was part of an exclusive club, the Laya Club, where her sorority sisters frequented. She would visit them during her free time and would create homemade cookies and candies with her friends.

Amanda Bynes facts can be loosely grouped into two areas. The first group of Bynes facts pertains to her role as herself on the television show Doctors, where she was a doctor assistant. The second area of Bynes trivia revolves around her various other roles, both in the small screen and in movies. Amanda Bynes trivia will include the details of her appearance on the television show, and her various films. Amanda Bynes trivia can also include her turn as herself in the film, Pretty Woman, as well as her starring role in the musical Cats.

Amanda Bynes net worth is difficult to ascertain since multiple sources list her net worth at a few million dollars, and other sources give estimates in the thousands. Amanda Bynes trivia will try to answer the question, “how much is Amanda Bynes worth?” Other than her direct ability in acting, her ability to write songs, and her role on the television show Doctors, Bynes has no real ability as an actor. However, her ability to keep herself motivated and keep working towards achieving her goal of becoming a popular singer has made her a very successful singer, and a very successful actress. Amanda Bynes has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, and has also won many awards including a Screenplay Oscar for her contribution to the movie, Crazy Heart.

Amanda Bynes Biography

Real Name Amanda Laura Bynes
Birth Date April 3, 1986
Age 33 Years
Birth Place Thousand Oaks, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Religion Judaism
Sun sign Aries

Amanda Bynes trivia will attempt to answer the question, “Who is this glamorous new young starlet?” She is the latest celebrity to enter the public consciousness, and she is proving to be a huge draw with fans of both music and acting. Her net worth is difficult to determine due to several factors. She has only been in the limelight for a few months, but she has already established a name for herself as an extremely talented young actress, and she looks set to become a hugely popular face of British fashion for many years to come.

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