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Amanda Fuller Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Measurements

Amanda Fuller is known as an American television actress and character, best known for the role she plays on Fox television’s series Last Man Standing. She has also portrayed recurring characters for The Practice, Boston Public, and That 70s Show. In addition, she is currently in a fine relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Matthew Bryan. Born and raised in Ohio, Amanda is the middle of four children of Avonnie Fuller. Her younger brother was named Bryan.

It is difficult to pin down a definitive age for Amanda Fuller since all indications point to her being of Asian descent, and her acting may very well have been concentrated on her Asian background throughout her career. Nonetheless, it seems likely that she was as young as fourteen when her parents divorced. She was a sophomore in college studying drama at the University of Southern Illinois, when her mother began to date men. At the time, her relationship with Bryan was still romantic. Bryan Fuller moved to California, where he acted in such films as The Prophecy, Cast Away, and Swing Vote.

Fuller’s height is defined by the American Film Institute website as being 3′ 11″ tall. However, some sources offer a measurement of Amanda Fuller’s height of 5′ 11″. Regardless of the measurement used, it seems safe to assume that Amanda Fuller has kept her original height for all of her work. Her best known film roles are those which take the role of a very short white American girl, including the young girl in the Japanese film Pretty Woman, who only has one arm.

As far as height is concerned, it is difficult to pinpoint a definite height for Amanda Fuller. She generally stands at just over five feet tall. Most of the information about her body measurements comes from public domain sources such as the IMDB page for the film Pretty Woman, where she lists her height as being 34 years old. This is in keeping with public reports that she weights just over a hundred pounds, which puts her in the obese category. Amanda Fuller also seems to have had some facial differences, which could account for some of the discrepancy between her official height and body measurements.

Name Amanda Fuller
Real Name Amanda Marie Fuller
Pet / Nick Name
Nationality United States
Profession Television Actress
Origin United States

Age, Dob, Birthplace, zodiac, star sign

Amanda Fuller Age (Current) 36 years, 9 month, 17 days
Date Of Birth (DOB) Monday, August 27, 1984 (M/D/Y)Monday, August 27, 1984 (M/D/Y)
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Star Sign (Nakshatra)

Death Details

Alive Or Dead
Date Of Death (DOD) — (M/D/Y)
After Death Timeline Not Applicable

Age: 36 years, 9 month, 17 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes, 21 seconds.

13439 Total days.
– On June 13, 2023

It seems reasonable to assume that Amanda Fuller has had some degree of weight gain over the course of her professional life, since she has been married to an American soldier in addition to being an action actress. This weight gain most likely came from the weight of Hollywood fat, since many action stars are heavy and have always appeared to be overweight. However, it would be unwise to assume that weight gain automatically translates into having extra body fat. Some actresses, particularly those who have been famous for a long period of time, can appear to be thin even though they have added body fat through hard work and their natural genetics.

Amanda Fuller has not been on any type of public death record, so we cannot confirm exactly what her exact death age was. However, given her regular acting roles in movies and TV shows in which she appeared, one can easily assume that she most likely did die young, given her acting ability and the type of movies she was working in. Given that she has appeared to live the American Dream, one can only speculate as to whether or not she had even been dead the entire time she was alive. This is one of the many mysteries of Hollywood, one of the reasons why it is fun to imagine that Hollywood is not all that fake after all.


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