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Amber Chia was born in Peru. She is a Peruvian singer and dancer. Amber Chia has performed for many famous people such as the queen of Spain, Juan de la Roca, and Willy Gates. Amber Chia has a Net Worth of 21 million dollars.

Amber Chia was born in Huancayo, Mexico. Amber Chia was only four when her parents brought her to Peru where her parents made her take care of chickens. Amber Chia now runs her own company making a fortune out of selling her Horoscope Sign jewelry which helps you identify your horoscope sign.

Amber Chia was raised in the United States. Her real name is Amber Claire Munroe. Amber Chia attended Mount Holyoke College in Portland, Oregon and earned a degree in communications. Amber’s career path took her to Hong Kong and she was studying astrology there when she decided to come back to the United States. Amber decided to change her name to Amber Chia so that it would be easier to get a job. Amber Chia started her career as a singer and dancer with the folk-rock band The Reach.

Amber Chia went on to become a successful model and actress with various small roles in films and TV shows. She appeared in the movies “Dumblock” and “E.T.” Amber Chia has had some success in the modeling world but has yet to be one of the next top models.

Short Profile
First NameAmber
Last NameChia
Age37 years
Birth SignSagittarius
Birth DateDecember 14, 1981
Birth PlaceTeluk Intan, Malaysia
CityTeluk Intan

Amber Chia has been married to Richard Loo, a Hong Kong businessman, for 10 years. Amber Chia has two children as well as a stepson as well. Amber Chia lives in Beverly Hills, California with her husband. Amber Chia is a regular contributor to her mother’s website as well as appearing on her mother’s talk show. Amber Chia has also gone on several television shows in the US and has been interviewed by a number of different media sources including CNN.

Amber Chia is currently a member of the judging panel of the Fashion Network’s “Miss World” contest held annually in Singapore. Amber Chia is also listed on the Singapore tourism website as one of the most popular Asian female fashion brands ambassador. Amber Chia is listed as a member of the “lingerie women’s division” on the teleseminars of several different teleseminars. Amber Chia is listed as a guest blogger on several different blogs and as a contributor to a number of different publications on cooking, beauty, literature and technology. Amber Chia has received numerous awards and recognition for her work in the field of television and film production as well as her performance in the field of fashion.

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