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Anna Belle Francis is an American entertainer and singer of Russian descent. First appearing on the popular television show Mork and then as an actress in several movies, Anna Belle Francis soon developed a reputation for being one of the more attractive women in Hollywood. She rose to stardom in the early nineteen fifties as one of the most popular characters in Disney movies. Anna Belle Francis was a childhood friend of Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Charming and went on to play the lead role in this classic story. Anna Belle Francis enjoyed a successful acting career throughout the thirties and she moved on to feature roles in such films as King Arthur and Robin Hood: Prince Of The Thieves.

Anna Belle Francis grew up in the tiny state of Idaho in the United States. Her first language was English and she was always able to communicate with other children her age. Anna was a very good student and graduated from high school at fifteen. Anna Belle Francis had a younger brother, Matthew, who became a drug addict and ended up serving time in jail. Anna Belle Francis did not like her brother and wanted to move on to a better life but was unable to leave her husband and live in Idaho due to her father’s job.

  • NICKNAME: Frances
  • FULL NAME: Annabelle Frances Wallis
  • PROFESSION: Actress
  • NATIONALITY: British
  • AGE: 36 years old (in 2023)
  • DATE OF BIRTH: September 5, 1984
  • BIRTHPLACE: Oxford, United Kingdom
  • ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo

Anna Belle Francis studied music theory and composition at Pacific University in Los Angeles, California. Anna Belle Francis gave special attention to voice and taught herself to sing. She was an outstanding student and achieved excellent grades. Anna Belle Francis did not allow her family to see the results of her efforts as she was focused on becoming a singer and performer. Anna Belle Francis performed with numerous ensembles and was discovered by pianist/composer/singer Edith Piaf in 1950.

Anna was cast as the title role in a production of “The Nutcracker” by Russian playwright Pyotr Elshin. She was fifteen years old at the time and was given extensive training by her parents. Anna’s performance was impressive, as was her singing. The producers hired Anna Belle Francis to star in their musical based on the life of Anna Jarvis who was a famous singer for the Royal Family of England.

Anna was not satisfied with her role in the musical and believed that she could have been a better singer. After several months of rehearsals, Anna was asked to perform at a Christmas Eve celebration at the Chateau de Versailles. At this celebration, she met and fell in love with the lead singer of the musical, Cavallini. Anna spent the next three years studying with the master conductor, Maurizio Lazzarini. Anna was twenty years old when she died of a broken heart after not hearing from her agent, Mario Paolo Lazzarini.

Anna Belle Francis received numerous awards for her outstanding career. She received the Best Music Feature prize for her performance in “Les Miserables” by Jean Baptiste Camille, which was later scored by The Doobie Brothers. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in “Sweeney Todd” and “Hamlet”. Anna Belle Francis, the original performer, is today remembered as one of the greatest singing divas of all time. Her life, along with that of her family, are remembered fondly by many.

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