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Antrax is a well known figure in the gaming world. His net worth is largely unknown at this time but is said to be quite high at the young age of 23. He is originally from Mexico. Antrax has several thousand subscribers on his Instagram and other social media channels. He regularly posts gaming videos for his channel Antrax_ Gaming, which has earned over 7 million followers to date.

Antrax trivia: What is Antrax? Antrax is an animated character who debuted on the game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and then appeared as a background character in the sequel, Nuclear Throne. In the latter game, he was voiced by Kaitlin Souffleur. Antrax was designed by none other than Liquidmorph, the artist who worked on the original Metal Gear Solid video game.

Antrax facts: Who is Antrax? Antrax is an animated character who made his debut in the game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. As of now, he does not have a supporting cast. This is because according to the trailers and gameplay videos of Antrax, he is only a Mexican national who survived the plane crash. This is contrary to what is depicted in the trailers for Antrax, wherein it is shown that he survived the plane crash and survived the subsequent nuclear explosion. In the Mexican social media sites, Antrax’ most liked images are what is portrayed in his official fan club page, Antrax Mexico page and Antrax Gaming’s official Facebook page.

Antrax trivia: According to some media sources, Antrax was developed by Croatian developer Croteam. The first posted trailer for Antrax showed a large tank-like vehicle that was operated by Antrax. In the second video, another cyborg was seen riding Antrax. This cyborg was confirmed as being a Mexican national, thus giving more credence to the theories that Antrax was created in Mexico and that this country may be home to a significant number of citizens with deep Mexican ties. Furthermore, in the second video, it was also stated that there were 12 original Antrax robots which were being distributed to various game publishers worldwide.

Antrax as a franchise: Since there are many theories surrounding Antrax, the possibility of an official franchise is currently still unconfirmed. However, based on the mexican social media star’s statements in her videos and the information provided in the Antrax website, it can be safely said that Antrax: Gold Rush is a stand-alone video game, which means there are no further stories connected to Antrax: Conquer the Antrax. Therefore, the franchise speculation has been shelved. Nevertheless, the mexican, social media star did mention that there will probably be more Antrax games to be released.

Antrax’ full name is Antrax Corporation, which is what the company’s website refers to. Based from the information provided on the Antrax website, Antrax Corporation was started in 2023 and is owned by Mexican investor Armindo Moreno Soto. In Antrax: Gold Rush, mexican social media star Anaanda Morales is listed as the company’s producer. Antrax was planned to be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which players would fight against the evil corporation, Antrax. As of this writing, there are still no updates regarding Antrax: Gold Rush and a World of Warcraft expansion has been speculated, although it is unconfirmed.

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