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Anwar Hadi Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life

Anwar Hadi is a Pakistani American actor who has gained worldwide recognition for his amazing portrayals of both good and evil characters. Anwar Hadi is originally from Pakistan but has claimed Indian citizenship. He has gone on to enjoy successful careers in Hollywood as Rajkumar Kohli, Saleem ul Haq, Ashtamudi Babu, and Kahaniyan Jazzy. Anwar Hadi first came to the attention of an international audience when he played the part of an aging Islamic terrorist in the popular film, Apne in the late 1990s. Anwar Hadi had been a successful actress in the small town of Pakistan, which is now called Kecinthar until he ventured to Hollywood with his breakout role in Apne.

Anwar Hadi went on to star in many hit films including Apne again where he starred alongside Duleep Gandhi and Sharukh Khan. Anwar Hadi also appeared in a number of national football team games and even helped his country to secure a spot in the qualification tournament for the 2023 FIFA World Cup. Anwar Hadi later went on to star as a director, writer, and producer in several award winning films. Anwar Hadi has gone on to play opposite Akshay Kumar in several movies and has also acted in some major international and Indian films.

Anwar Hadi passed away on 5 July, 2023 at the age of 34. Anwar Hadi was an important personality from the Indian Hindi film industry who achieved success in his early life. Anwar Hadi was born in Pakistan but grew up in Egypt. Anwar Hadi was a successful actor in the early part of his career and later went on to act in a number of high budget movies. Anwar Hadi’s most well known role is that of Syed Akhtar, who appears in an unusually large number of Anwar Hadi films.

Anwar Hadi’s first major role that people are familiar with him for is that of Abubacer (aka Rubina) in Anwar Hadi’s 1976 hit ‘Patru da Binga’. In this film, Anwar Hadi would go on to play the part of a suave and charming middle-aged man who seduces a lovely lady and helps her escape from an abusive marriage. The role of the actress was so complex that it took almost two decades before Anwar Hadi was able to complete his contract and release the film. Syed Akhtar did not disappoint his film audiences with his work in Anwar Hadi. Anurabha Ghoshal’s loyal character in Anurabha Ghoshal and Mohan Kumar in Mankatha are two other examples of Anwar Hadi’s acting abilities.

Short Profile
First Name Anwar
Last Name Hadi
Profession YouTube Star
Age 29 years old
Birth Sign Leo
Birth Date July 28, 1990
Birth Place Malaysia
Country Malaysia

Anwar Hadi is certainly a versatile actor. In fact he has gone on to appear in films that have absolutely nothing to do with theatre or cinema, at least so far as our knowledge goes. Anwar Hadi has been seen on television programs that deal with banking and finance, as well as being a judge on the popular cooking shows India’s Iggles. The fact that Anwar Hadi has appeared in numerous movies made by highly reputed director stars, all of which have enjoyed great box office returns should speak volumes about Anwar Hadi’s versatility. We can only hope that Anwar Hadi will continue to star in high-end movies for the rest of his life, especially if his current projects do not pan out.

Anwar Hadi’s name does not lie on any list of leading personalities in Malaysia, nor has it been in any news articles or public pronouncements in the last decade. That is because Anwar Hadi has remained relatively unknown in his home country, Malaysia. However, that should not stop anyone from finding out what Anwar Hadi has to offer, as he has definitely earned his place as a Malaysian star, and this book is definitely worth the read.

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