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Armed Forces Day was established by an Act of Congress in observance of the men and women who serve in our nation’s Armed Forces. The term “Armed Forces Day” is an honor given to all military personnel and their spouses. It is celebrated on the third Saturday of May each year and is generally declared by a President of the United States. In recent years it has become much more popular as a national holiday, and there are several reasons for this. Below we examine both the history and the tradition of Armed Forces Day in the United States.

On May 9, 1950, after the communist revolution in Russia, President Harry Truman called on the American public to observe a nationwide Armed Forces Day in support of our military personnel. This proclamation was issued via executive order and named “Whereas, on behalf of the people of the United States it is ordered that from and after the date of this proclamation, it is and shall be the law whenever on the date of this proclamation, any person may apply for any compensation or allowance which may be paid for the medical expenses, wages, disbursements or other supplies or allowances which may be provided for an enlisted member of the Selected Reserve who has been ordered to active duty as a regular component of the military force of the United States or the Navy, or the Air Force or the Marine Corps. The authority to proclaim the laws is conferred upon the President alone. Any State may also apply for authority to declare such laws if such service is required for the operation of its government.

On June 12, 1960, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy designated June as Armed Forces Day. He based his designation on the fact that there were six states in the united states which were fighting against the saber rattling nation of Cuba. With the declaration of such a day, the military was no longer an albatross around the neck of the Defense Department. The pride of the armed forces are the members who serve in any branch or companies that has received this designation.

The reason behind this designation was to bring into prominence the contributions of every day Americans to the defense of the United States. It was a way of reminding these individuals that they were needed in times of trouble. The people who dedicate their lives to the Armed Forces are a significant part of what makes America strong. Every day they put their lives on the line and protect the freedom we cherish.

Armed Forces Day Wishes, Status & Quotes:

  • “All thanks to the rough and tough men who are guarding our lives and the borders of our country day and night. Warm wishes on Armed Forces Day 2023…”

What is Armed forces Day

  • “On the occasion of Armed Forces Day, let us express our gratitude to all those men and women who have kept country before comfort…”
  • “They are the heroes we all must follow because they are the ones who truly inspire us. Wishing a very Armed Forces Day 2023…”
  • “Till the time we have our brave soldiers protecting our borders, we have nothing to fear. Thanks to these heroes. Armed Forces Day 2023…”
  • “Armed Forces Day will remind each one of us that we are so blessed to have our strong and brave men sacrificing their lives for us. Let us thank them all…”

National Armed Forces Day

  • “It takes guts to be in the army. It takes guts to die for your nation. Wishing a very Happy Armed Forces Day to our soldiers…”

Happy Armed Forces Day Messages:

  • “A soldier is not just an army man…. He is also a son, a brother, a husband, a father and a friend…. Salute to all those families and friends who send their sons to join the army and take care of the country…. A very Happy National Armed Forces Day to you…”
  • “Let us not only honour the soldier who sacrifices his life for the country but also his family who honours this sacrifice with pride…. Let us bow our heads to these brave soldiers and their families….. Wishing you a very Happy Armed Forces Day 2023…”
  • “Let us pray for all our soldiers and armed forces on USA Armed Forces Day for they are the ones who keep us save each and every day…”
  • “Each and every day they dedicate every moment of their lives in the service of our motherland…. They are our real heroes…. Happy USA Armed Forces Day 2023…”
  • “We can sleep comfortably because we have our soldiers guarding our borders….. We can celebrate all the festivals because we know our army men are there to take care of the emergencies…. Let us send our warm wishes on Happy Armed Forces Day to our army….”

As per usual, parades are held on the first weekend in June. The appearance of a large U.S. flag combined with other country’s (and world’s) stars and stripes creates a grand atmosphere. The sound of a song by American soldiers is very popular at such events. Many Americans enjoy telling stories of how they served in the Armed Forces and how freedom was won for all during Armed Forces Day. They hold on to the traditions that have helped make America the exceptional nation that it is today.

In fact, many see Armed Forces Day as an unnecessary celebration when there are more important things happening in the world today. Instead of organizing a parade, many choose to pen a heartfelt message of remembrance to fallen comrades on their own front door. Such messages are commonly displayed on gravestones within U.S. localities.

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