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Asmiar Yahya Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Asmiar Yahya is an Indonesian fashion designer and actor who were well known for her beauty. She worked with a range of renowned designers such as Christian Dior and Andre Courreges. In the 1980’s she appeared in a number of soap operas and drama films on TVRI. Her mother was also an actress Yulia Yahya

Asmiar first gained attention when she appeared in one of her first shows on the TV show “PNP.” She had a very small role as a singer, but when she went to a casting for shows on the channel “TV On Air,” it was as a dancer. She then appeared in a number of shows in the early part of the next decade. She has since gone into movies, dancing, singing and became a fashion designer. Asmiar’s most famous collection is called Bintang, which translates literally to “colored thread,” but is used today more generally to mean any type of fabric, rope or thread.

A famous film star from Indonesia who is known for her beauty is Asmiar Yahya, and she is actually her real name. She is popularly known by her first name “Asmin” (meaning beautiful) and by her given name “Asmiar.” She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Asmin grew up in a poor neighborhood, where she was forced to become a maid and to cook food for her family. As she grew, she became more interested in art and pursued a degree in art in order to break free from the poverty that kept her from studying.

After working hard to support her family, Asmiar then went on to join the world famous artist, Cipong. As she was learning with Cipong, she came across several of his paintings, which greatly impressed her. This was the beginning of her fascination with art and eventually she decided to pursue her career as a designer. She worked with various designers and became very successful in establishing her own name in the field of art.

Asmin Yahya has a great love for all things colorful. This was reflected in her designs for her cipinang jaya and synggujes. The designs created by Asmin for her synggujes were inspired by flowers and nature. As she was developing her designs, she incorporated many elements from nature, such as huge leaves, oranges and lemons, and other fruits, including papaya and mango. Asmin also incorporated elements of men into her designs, such as kayaks and tribal art.

Asmin Yahya is a master of color, lines and shapes. This is evident in the sensual, complex and vibrant colors she used in her synggujes and dikenal sebagai designs. Some of her most popular designs have become immensely popular worldwide, such as the “flower snake lady”, “sundarin lady”, “gold snake lady” and the “red snake lady”. Her designs, which are truly a work of art, are in high demand among her fans. Her work, Asmiar’s greatest achievement, has brought her to be revered as one of the foremost authorities in the world of decorative art. A small sampling of Asmin’s work may be found in her book, Syngguj Jugga Dikenal, translated by Zafar Ahmed.


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