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Assignment Cover Page 2023 in Bangladesh [Design Image] Download

The assignment process has been introduced from the 6th to 9th class. As in 2023, students will be assessed in 2023 and through student assignment examinations. During this corona period, since the school is located, it is not possible to take the annual exams in any way. Therefore, each student has been given the opportunity to pass the next class through the assignment. However, there are several aspects to writing assignments.

Just as the answer sheet in the assignment should be neat and beautiful, the cover page is also needed to enhance the beauty of the assignment book. So every student has to write the cover page in a beautiful way. The white paper would be best for the cover of the assignment. It is better not to use any coloured paper. However, care should be taken that the papers should be standard i.e. not too thin. Then come, what kind of pen to use. In my opinion, it is best to use a black ink pen. Assignment 2023 can download directly from DSHE Official Website

Assignment Cover Page Design 2023

Although the cover of assignments in colleges and universities is a bit colourful and the writings are written in colour. But students, since you are at the school level, there is no need for anything colourful. Then the size of the cover letter writing assignment is a little bigger, meanwhile, you have to take care. Red ink cannot be used in any way. It is better not to write on both pages. The paper must give a nice margin. No cuts can be made in the middle of the writing. The spelling must be correct.

You have to take care of the sentence structure. Then comes the main topic, i.e. what to write on the cover page. The information is given below. This information must be entered.

  1. Assignment Title: Write assignment no.
  2. School Name: Here you have to write the name of your respective school.
  3. Date: Enter the date of submission of the assignment here.
  4. Student Name: Enter your name here.
  5. Subject: Write the name of your subject here. For example English
  6. Write down which class you are studying.
  7. Branch: Write down which branch you are in.
  8. Roll: Write down your roll number.

Download Assignment 2023 Cover Image

Remember, all the information should be correct. A separate book should be prepared for each assignment. If necessary, the students will talk to the teacher at your school. Because only samples are given in the instruction. And if you want, you can give the name of the teacher in the cover letter. But you have to talk to the teacher and get permission. Then you have to write a Bangla cover letter in the Bangla assignment and if it is in English then writing in English will be the best.

Assignment Cover Page

Then the text of the cover page should always be written along the middle. Because if you write in the middle, the cover page will look beautiful. Then you have to write in your own hand. Then it should not be the case that there is more ink on the cover letter and less on the bottom. It will not look good. Keep balance up and down while writing. If you have more than one page, you can enter the page number at the bottom right of the page.

If you write, you must write the answer on how many pages. Therefore, students will remember that a beautiful presentation captivates another person just as much as it captivates your personality in the assignment. So every student has to make sure that the assignment is the most beautiful and clean.


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