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Axel Witsel Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Axel Witsel has achieved quite an impressive net worth in his native Belgium. A versatile player for his club and country, he is also one of the most experienced players in Europe today. He holds the record of most goals by a Belgium international with 49, a feat that nobody even shorted him at the time. Other than soccer, Axel Witsel also played football, basketball and cricket.

Born in Antwerp, Belgium, Axel Witsel’s birth month is not immediately known. His full name is Axel Witsel. However, this full name may not exactly match his current profile as a Belgium national football team attacking midfielder. In fact, he actually used to be a goalkeeper before moving on to become a more attacking midfielder. Witsel started his career playing for the Belgian second division side RC Lens before joining the first team Lokeren in the Netherlands. From there he went on to play for FC Nijen in the first team, before moving on to Vitesse in the Eredivisie.

While being renowned as an attacking midfielder for Vitesse, many forget to mention that Axel Witsel was also a right back for the club throughout his time there. His versatility as a soccer player is almost legendary. A very good defender who plays in the center field, supporting the defense and scoring goals as well as being an attacking midfielder, the 31-year-old Belgium international is still a core member of the Belgium team even though he only recently retired from the game. His decision to hang up the gloves was due to personal problems that he had been going through for quite some time.

Aside from being a versatile player, Axel Witsel is also famous as a great soccer player due to his combative skills that he is known to bring whenever he plays. Playing at right back, Witsel became known for his tackles and passes that helped him earn himself a reputation as a great player who can bring out the best in any team. The defender also played a pivotal role during Euro 2021 when his flag diving effort helped his country to reach the quarter finals and help them win the trophy. Though he did miss the final against France due to a knee injury, Belgium still managed to capture the trophy, beating favorites Spain and Italy in the process.

Though he has already earned himself a lot of accomplishments as a professional soccer player, Axel Witsel still aims to achieve more. A great example of this is his passion for the game as he is currently an agent representing some of the top players in Europe. He says that if he were to represent any of the players he represents, then his salary would be dependent on how well he does in his job. If he does a good job, then his salary would automatically go up. So far, he has signed contracts with players like Samuel Eto’o Fils of Ivory Coast, Austria Wulf and Aston Villa of England, Mauro Vazquez of Racing de la Plata of Argentina, Etienne Boateng of FC Barcelona of Spain, goalkeeper Brad Jones of Australia and AC Milan of Italy.

BirthdateJanuary 12th, 1989
BirthplaceLiège, Belgium
Length1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
TeamBorussia Dortmund

But what really makes Axel Witsel’s name stand out from other great soccer players of the world? His strong physical stats, which include a match winning goal against AC Milan in the 2021-10 season which made him the first player in the league’s history to do so. His two goals and three assists in the same game made him the first Belgian player to ever do that. Aside from his impressive performance, Axel Witsel also has a very impressive net worth which even made him the highest paid soccer player in the whole of Europe. This is why many fans and experts have tagged him as the “ace player of the year” after his standout performances in world cup 2021.

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