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Bandi (Youtube Star) Net Worth, Biography, Bio, Age, Height, Relation, Nationality

Bandi, an eighteen-year-old from India, has become a celebrity in the field of entertainment. He is known as one of the brightest students of an exclusive private school in India. He is also known as a member of an exclusive musical group called the Hoodia Singh Bandi. Banda is known as an innovator in the field of electronic dance. His YouTube videos have received over two hundred million views in a very short span of time.

Bandi Net Worth: Bandi was born in a village called Sangli in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Bandi was brought up as a child by his mother with the help of his grandmother. He was said to be one of the brightest students in his batch in that school. Bandi was a bright student and earned a degree in engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai. He joined the film industry in Mumbai, where he was in the main role of a character called Ajit posing in many movies.

Bandi was married to actress Priyadarshan and has two sons. Bandi’s other siblings are a son named Vaidya and a daughter named Vrinda. Bandi was separated from his wife after their marriage because of his wife’s association with Ajit and they later got back together and decided to form a family business. In the present era, Bandi has made himself popular with his Bandi Yuddh video which has been viewed over four hundred million times.

Bandi Yuddh: Bandi Yuddh was designed by Bandi, an entrepreneur who runs a company called Bandi Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. The name Bandi means “a wheel” in English and hence Bandi Yuddh is a multi-wheeled wheel designed to promote the value of his family’s business. Bandi has made many other similar videos with the same theme. His other works include post shared by Bandi on his social networking site called Facebook.

Full Name:Ethan David Best
Born Date:29 Apr, 1998
Age:22 years
Lucky Number:6

Post Shared By Bandi: After creating the Bandi Yuddh, Bandi took this idea to the next level and created an animated series called PDT which means “product delivery platform.” PDT uses the power of visuals to communicate messages in simple language, making it a very easy to understand way of presenting the message. The first episode of PDT was released in May of last year and was received well by both the viewers and the media. Post Shared By Bandi has featured Bandi Yuddh and Bandi PDT, along with some of his cast friends, who have been celebrities in their own right. Bandi has also gone a step further and launched a second season of PDT.

Who Else Wants To Be A G Gone Girl? Bandi’s goal with PDT was to create a platform that will help girls in India and other countries who want to look beautiful and look sexy but cannot afford stylists or do not want to go to parlors for their hair appointments. Bandi’s goal is to help young women are happy with themselves and achieve their dreams.

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