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Banglalink Internet Offer 2023 (December Update) – All BL Internet Packages

Banglalink Internet OfferBanglalink All Internet Package & Offer 2023 added here for you. Among all the telecom organization working in Bangladesh, Banglalink has got a huge reputation for providing quality data service at a reasonable price. Eventually, this brand has put much emphasis on making the users delighted. That is why, if we ask for internet data, then Banglalink will come first at our thought. In this continuation, the Banglalink internet offer can be much attractive for the users who are loyal to this brand. You know what, this reputation plays a vital role to get the trust of the buyers of these packs. Besides, from our experience, we have seen that the network quality of Banglalink is quite exceptional. They have invested lots of money to develop and maintain this fantastic network.

The days have gone past when the internet is a mere dream for the root level of people. Nowadays, we see that every class of people is keen to get a connection through social media networks. Besides, they use data packs to do their daily office works or meet their personal needs. The Taxes of Telecom usage in Bangladesh has increased on the 2023-2023 Budget. So, the Price has changed for various Talk Time (Minute) Bundle, Internet Offer, and Combo Offers. So, see the latest Price or Ask your Operator about the New Price.

Banglalink Internet Offer 2023

With various offer packs, Banglalink stands in the market to refill your heart with joy. The list of Banglalink Internet offer is updated. You know what, enjoying net browsing is such a common phenomenon in this modern digital world. Besides, you need to focus on the value which you are getting in exchange for your hard-earned money. In this case, Banglalink can be a vital telecom company to meet your needs. Let’s have a look at the details of these offers from Banglalink. If you have any Grameenphone SIM card, you can also see GP Internet Offer.

Price Activation
2 MB 85 Paisha *5000*519# 1 Day
3 MB 1.5 Tk *5000*518# 1 Day
9 MB Tk. 3 *5000*513# 1 Day
12 MB Tk. 4 *5000*520# 1 Day
32 MB Tk. 9 *5000*529# 1 Day
45 MB Tk. 10 *5000*543# 1 Day
60 MB Tk. 15 *5000*502# 3 Days
75 MB Tk. 13 *5000*543# 4 Days
100 MB Tk. 20 *5000*522# 7 Days
120 MB Tk. 50 *5000*523# 30 Days
160 MB Tk. 30 *5000*501# 7 Days
250 MB Tk. 75 *5000*517# 10 Days
300 MB Tk. 99 *5000*503# 30 Days
500 MB Tk. 100 *5000*582# 7 Days
600 MB Tk. 150 *5000*504# 30 Days
1 GB Tk. 36 *5000*36# 4 Days
1 GB Tk. 76 *5000*76# 7 Days
1 GB Tk. 199 *5000*503# 30 Days
1GB Tk. 210 *5000*581# 30 Days
1.5 GB Tk. 275 *5000*511# 30 Days
2 GB Tk. 49 *5000*49# 4 Days
2 GB Tk. 209 *5000*581# 30 Days
2 GB Tk. 350 *5000*506# 30 Days
3 GB Tk. 99 *5000*799# 7 Days
5 GB Tk. 108 *5000*108# 7 Days
4 GB Tk. 500 *5000*508# 30 Days
8 GB Tk. 900 *5000*509# 30 Days
10 GB Tk. 199 *5000*199# 7 Days
15 GB Tk. 1500 *5000*510# 30 Days
1 GB Youtube Tk. 19 *5000*345# 2 Days
250 MB IMO Tk. 10 *5000*725# 7 Days
100 MB Social Tk. 07 *5000*576# 7 Days
30 MB Facebook Tk. 1.5 *5000*414# 4 Days

Banglalink user can also Buy Internet Package Online. They can Visit the Banglalink Official Website to Activate Any Banglalink Internet Offer Online. Just follow our mentioned link and activate the Internet package you may like. Always choose your best Internet pack which perfect for you.

12 GB Internet Pack 129 TK

You can get a big package of 12 GB data for 129 takas. You know what; this package will remain valid for seven days only. After that, you will need to buy another box. But, the leftover of the previous package will get added to the new one. By recharging 129 takas exactly or dialling *5000*577#, you can get this exclusive internet pack.

8 GB 108 TK Offer

To enjoy the world of the internet, you can buy this pack, which has included 8 GB of data for 108 takas. The package has divided into two parts like 4GB for regular internet and 4 GB bonus. You can activate this pack just dialling *5000*108 or recharging the exact amount. You know what; this pack will remain valid for seven days only.

45 GB Internet 999 TK

If you cost 999 takas, then you can get a giant package from Banglalink. You know what; this package has come with 45 GB of data to enrich your browsing experience. So, there will be no fear of a shortage of data while watching movies or live sports show on your devices. If you ask to activate this package, then you have to recharge precisely 999 takas to your number. You can use this net data package for 30 days.

20 GB Internet 699 TK

Another master class net offer has come from Banglalink. You can enjoy the internet with a significant volume package. 20 GB Internet can activate for 30 Days at 699 BDT only. You know what, with a cost of 699 takas, only you can activate this package. In the same way, this package will run through dialling *5000*699#. It will serve you for 30 days, including the activation day.

3 GB 58 BDT Internet Offer

Banglalink is offering a 3 GB data pack for 58 takas only. The net package will remain valid for four days only. Within this time, you have to consume all the data. If you ask to activate this data package, then dial *5000*58# or recharge exactly 58 takas on your mobile number.

3 GB Internet Pack 249 TK

Similar to the above package, this package has got 3 GB of data offers. The difference is it will remain valid for 30 days, including the activation day. But the cost is a little higher in comparison with the above package. It will cost you 249 takas. Through dialling *5000*249# or recharging the same amount, you can get this net package on your account.

2 GB Internet Offer 209 TK

It will cost you only 209 takas to get a 2 GB data pack on your number. Besides, the validity period is 30 days. To activate this net data package, you need to dial *5000*209# or recharge the same amount to your name. Here, one thing is to remember that the entire recharge amount includes vat, SD.

7 GB at 399 Internet Offer

Another lucrative package is a 7 GB data offer. You can avail of this package by spending only 399 takas. Another thing is it will remain valid for 30 days. If you want to activate this net data package, then just dial *5000*399# or recharge 399 takas on your mobile number.

500 MB Internet Pack 42 TK

Now it is time to reveal the small data pack to you. Banglalink is offering 500 MB data for 42 takas only. You know what; this package will remain valid for seven days. If you want to avail of this data pack, then you have to dial *5000*588# or recharge precisely the same amount.

1.5 GB Internet 99 TK

Surprisingly, you can get 1.5 GB of data at the cost of 99 takas only. You know what, in the small data pack category, Banglalink offers the cheapest rate in comparison with other telecom giants. Here, this package will remain valid for seven days. You will dial *5000*799# or recharge the exact amount on your number, and the box will get activated to your account.

1 GB 36 TK Offer

The most eye-catching offer is that you can get 1 GB of data at the cost of 36 takas only. It will remain valid for four days. Despite this validity period, it can be beneficial for you. The data volume is quite high in the exchange of money. The data pack will run through dialling *5000*500# or recharging precisely the same amount to your number.

1 GB 119 TK Internet Pack

When validity is a concern, then you can get 1 GB of data, which will remain valid for 30 days. But this data pack will cost you 119 takas only. Sometimes, validity seems to be crucial. In this case, recharge 119 takas on your number or dial *5000*503# to activate this data pack.

Banglalink is a leading communication service provider. The most important fact is that it has invested lots of money to improve the network quality. That is why; users are quite happy using their net. On the other hand, as a standard user, you can avail of the most lucrative data packs from Banglalink. When money is a concern, then it is sure that they are worthy of satisfying you. That is why you will get the best value for your hard-earned money.


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