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BbygShai Facts BbygShai, a Bollywood actress, known as Shimla in Bollywood. BbygShai is an American actress of Bollywood. BbygShai also known as Shimla is a popular actress of Bollywood. BbygShai has gained popularity for her wide array of roles in Bollywood films.

BbygShai Facts BbygShai was born on April 30, 1990 in United States of America. BbygShai was a talented child prodigy who was trained as an actor in both film and theatre. BbygShai’s early life was spent in India, where she attended Vassar College in Pune. BbygShai’s impressive resume not only includes her numerous film appearances but also in the theatre, her role in the popular Kung Mangalay Kool Haidi movie and her award -winning performance in the play, Swing Easy, opposite Aishwarya Rai.

BbygShai’s early years in Bollywood started at the age of twelve when she began her career in theatre in the early eighties. BbygShai had various small roles in Bollywood movies like Aligarh, Kaal Bhairav, Dhruba Dushman and Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. BbygShai studied in the Mumbai University College of Art for a two-year course in film. She graduated in the batch of graduating students of that college, which is one of the oldest Bollywood Colleges in India.

BbygShai was born and raised in the countryside of Maharashtra in a middle-class family. Her father is Bapu Shehnath Bishnoi and mother is Bina Bishnoi. BbygShai studied film theory and production under Bishnoi’s guidance in the Bollywood University. BbygShai’s first major break in Bollywood was her association with Ajit Mohan. BbygShai went on to work with him on his show, Welcome.

BbygShai’s family has a modest but comfortable lifestyle. BbygShai’s mother earns a small part-time income by selling vegetables in the nearby market while BbygShai’s father earns a decent part-time income working as a security officer. BbygShai’s two younger brothers also earn part-time incomes from small businesses run by their parents. BbygShai’s parents do not live in a plush residence; they live in a modest bungalow. BbygShai’s two sisters also live in a modest house; their salaries supplement their modest housekeeping and grocery bill.

Date of Birth April 30, 1998
Age 22 years old
Birthplace The Bronx, New York
Zodiac Tauras
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Social Media Star
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)
Relationship status Single
Net worth $300,000 – $400,000 (More info Below)

BbygShai lives in a small home that lacks lavish amenities. BbygShai’s brother Bikash Bishnoi works as a clerk in a bank. BbygShai’s father, Bapu Shehnath Bishnoi, works as a conductor and composer of music for the radio. BbygShai’s two younger sisters, Bina Bishnoi and Bikash Bishnoi, have both made money by being office assistants. BbygShai’s salary is meager compared to Bollywood’s actresses; however, BbygShai’s lack of money does not dim her desire to be a Bollywood star.

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