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Belinda Lee is an actress from Singapore who has achieved worldwide recognition for her roles in movies and television. Belinda Lee has been portrayed by various characters in different television shows. Belinda Lee has portrayed the evil witch in “Book of Love” as well as the sultry enchantress in the series, “Singapore, Ladies Second Degree” and “The Secrets of Sleeping Beauty.”

Belinda Lee first came to prominence as one of the founding members of the Singapore musical group, Looi Ra, or the Red Rose Girls. She was then a member of the rock band, M.A.S.H., also from Singapore. Belinda Lee left the group when they got into a bit of a quarrel with their singer for not singing the required songs. Belinda Lee later went on to establish her own singing career by joining the band, Weiliang. Belinda Lee Family Belinda Lee has three children, Zita, Ravi and Priyam, with a fourth child, Chinuk, who is currently studying in Australia.

Belinda Lee’s first singing experience came at the age of six when she was choir girl with her father and grandmother. Later on, she went on to sing for both the church choir and for her family. In her early years, Belinda Lee had the dream of becoming a singer and she was particularly inspired by the works of Chinuk Aitu and Yau Tillakart. Her talent for singing brought her to the notice of Didier Drogba and he invited her to come to Singapore to sing for him. Belinda Lee had to decline, but she had liked Drogba’s work and when she got a chance to visit him in New York, she took this opportunity to sing with him.

Belinda Lee first appeared on the Singapore television screens in a small role in the movie, The Man With One Red Shoe. She then went on to play different characters in different movies and drama serials before she settled into her role as the lead singer in the immensely popular song, Happy Days. The theme song from this album, Happy Days, was a huge hit and remained a constant number one hit until the mid eighties. After this period, Belinda Lee moved into the world of theater with a role in the play, Song For The Moon, alongside her brother, Lim Siu. From here, Lee began to hone her singing talent and soon became known as one of the finest singing talents in Singapore.

Bio / Wiki
Full NameBelinda Lee
AgeDeath Date – Mar 12, 1961 (age 25)
Date of BirthJune 15, 1935
Place of BirthEngland
Star SignGemini

Belinda Lee is one of the best actresses that Singapore ever had. Her varied and long-running careers have left her with countless fans all over the world. Belinda Lee also has accomplished the rare feat of being the best actress in two countries at the same time – she has been the number one best actress in China and number two in Singapore. Belinda Lee has always remained open to learning new things even after she has been awarded many awards for her roles and this is another reason why she continues to be popular amongst both her Chinese and Singaporean audiences.

Belinda Lee’s live shows are some of the most sought after in the world. Many people watch her shows from the comfort of their home or the hotel room just so they can see what an amazing Belinda Lee can do on the stage. Belinda Lee is known for her energetic style of singing, which makes her a joy to watch. Even though she has gone through a series of limousine accidents in her career, such as being run over by a car and a attacked by a knife-carrier in the film, Man on The Moon, her fans never doubt her sincerity and ability to overcome any obstacle. Belinda Lee is also well-known for her varied appearances, which includes being married to a Chinese dissenter, being a paraplegic and a member of the Symbolic Order of Belinda Lee. Her varied acting styles have made her into not only an amazing actress but also a respected pop and martial arts singer.

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