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Ben Yeo Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Ben Yeo is well-known as one of South Korean’s leading movie stars. He is also counted among the most famous celebrities who were born within September. Featured in most of most popular Korean films that have won Ben Yeo some Film Awards. Starring as an important role in various hit TV series that have made Ben Yeo one of most wanted Korean actors. His roles in such series as “The Good Guys”, “Carnival”, “Ducklings” and “Unforgiven” are some of his most recognized roles.

Ben Yeo’s birth date is not known yet. Some people speculate that Ben Yeo was born around June or July. Ben Yeo Net Worth is not known yet because no official information about Ben Yeo has been disclosed yet. Ben Yeo has been playing the main role in various movies, which are based on a theme of young Korea. He has been playing the lead role in some movies yet; his role in the action-thriller “Tales from Candle Island” is perhaps his most recognized role. Ben Yeo has been in action-thriller roles like the well-known “The Good Guys”, as well as the remake of the Korean film which starred Han Sang Won.

Ben Yeo’s real name is Ben Park. He used to be an office clerk before he decided to become an actor. Ben Yeo was in his first movie role, when he was casted in the popular soap opera “Korean Rose”, which was aired on SBS. Ben Yeo then went on to play different characters in other soap operas, including the main role in the series “My Love Story in Hawaii” and the lead role in the popular Chinese movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”. Ben Yeo’s acting prowess also saw him featured in the movie “My Fair Lady” which was a very good hit in the year 2023.

Ben Yeo Net Worth is not known yet because no official records or pictures have been released regarding Ben Yeo’s height. Most websites that feature celebrities do not feature information about their height. Ben Yeo may be as short as 180 cm or as long as one hundred thirty-five cm. Ben Yeo Net Worth is best calculated at one hundred twenty-two points three quarters of an inch. This means Ben Yeo stands at approximately three feet six inches tall.

Ben Yeo and Park Geun-hye were cast as the lead characters in a popular drama called “Love In The Rain” which was released in 2023. The movie was well received by both Korean and US viewers. Ben Yeo’s real life name is Park Hye-sook. Ben Yeo Net Worth is not known yet because he did not make any appearances in movies or television shows that were released after the year 2023.

Short Profile
First Name Ben
Last Name Yeo
Profession TV Actor
Age 40 years old
Birth Sign Libra
Birth Date September 23, 1978
Birth Place Singapore
Country Singapore

Ben Yeo Net Worth is not listed in the Korean National Human Library because it does not feature a photograph. Ben Yeo’s real name is Park Hye-sook. This article is only for general information and educational purposes. It does not intend to defame or injure Ben Yeo, nor is it an attempt to make financial gains or profits from this article.

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