Bengali Calendar 1428 PDF & Image Download [Today’s Bangla Date]

Download Bengali Calendar PDF File 2023 now. We all look for the name of a particular Bengali month. Therefore, the Bengali calendar has an essential role in our daily life. We use the official calendar 1428 for various government purposes. That is why we need the official calendar 1428. So we have a lot of important Bengali calendar 1428. Everyone will need this Bengali month calendar 1428 for the New Year.

Name and date of Bengali month and rules for viewing the calendar: A calendar is a book containing daily dates, dates, auspicious dates, ascendants, horoscopes, etc. of the year. It is also called Panji or Paji. From the very beginning of the development of civilization came the idea of ​​the time division of the thought consciousness of socially conscious people. At that time different countries invented different ways of calculating years, months, days and dates.

Bengali Calendar 1428 Download

In the course of time, besides the daily needs of the common people, the name and date of the Bengali month became one of the goals of the Hindu community during the puja festival. Different methods have been used in different countries over time. The sages of the Vedic age worshipped in different seasons. For this reason, they strongly feel the need for special season divisions.

According to the rules of viewing the calendar, the year has been divided into two parts. Such as 1. Uttarayan.2. Southernization. The arrival of the sun towards the north was considered Uttarayana. And the southward was calculated from the journey southwards. Ancient mystics have divided the year into 12 parts. Namely: Tap :, Tapasya, Madhu, Madhab, Shukra, Shuchi, Navas, Navasya, Ish, Urja, Sahas and Sahasya.

The date is introduced much later. Only at that time new moon, full moon, octave were used. Falguni full moon is mentioned in Vedic literature. It is assumed that the lunar month was then in vogue, known as the full moon month. Then the rule of looking at the calendar was calculated for an era and the method of counting this calendar was rotated after one era. The name and date of such Bedanga Jyotish Bangla month have been used to calculate this period for one and a half thousand years and to determine the time of worship.

Bengali Month & Date [Bangla Calendar 2023]

The calendar was very popular in terms of viewing the calendar. In order to improve the calendar, the people concerned continue to conduct research and at one time they mastered the technique of fine calculation. The oldest notable among the calendars used in present-day Bangladesh is the Loknath Directory Calendar.

Bengali Calendar 1428 [Boishakh]

 This calendar has been supplied by Loknath Book Agency in Dhaka since 1953. It is published in the first month of each year. Therefore, it can be said that the Bengali calendar has an essential contribution to the daily life of the people.


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