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Benjamin Kheng is a Singaporean singer, songwriter and guitarist best known for his work with bands called Benjamin Kheng Family and Friends. Benjamin Kheng is of Chinese descent. He has gone on to become one of the country’s most successful musicians, well known in the world as the vocalist and guitar player in the band The Searchers. Benjamin Kheng trivia will show that Benjamin Kheng made his first musical experience at the age of 14 when he was persuaded to play an instrument by a family friend who taught him the instrument.

Benjamin Kheng performed with this family friend as a teenager and later went on to play musical instruments in several other local groups. Benjamin Kheng later played electric guitar and Singaporean pop band M.A. in 2009 before going solo. He has since released music in the form of solo albums and EPs. Benjamin Kheng’s musical interests have also led him to writing lyrics and music for movies and television shows, most notably the musical TV show M.A. (Marilyn Aspell), which he also hosted.

Benjamin Kheng reformed his previous band, The Searchers, in 2010. The Searchers first released their first album entitled My Summer Love on the strength of their popular single “My Summer Love”. The band released their second album entitled We Are What We Are on the same day that they released their first single “My Summer Love”. The band released their second album titled A Place I Hold Your Heart on the following week.

Popular As Benjamin Kheng Wen Ming
Occupation musician,actor,presenter,writer,influencer,former national swimmer
Age 30 years old
Zodiac Sign Leo
Born 15 August 1990
Birthday 15 August
Birthplace Singapore
Nationality Singaporean

Benjamin Kheng will perform at the Singapore Music Festival in 2018. Benjamin Kheng is set to play at the Singapore Music Festival from Wednesday to Sunday, during the second week of February. Benjamin Kheng will be playing at the Singapore International Music Festival from Tuesday to Thursday, during the second week of March. Both concerts are part of the Multimedia Art and Culture Festival. This music festival is organized by Jusuru, an international company that promotes arts and culture in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

Benjamin Kheng will be joined by the DAPthmsong Tiger, Beezidoo, Bapkido and Hong Kong Dance Festival quartet. The quartet will perform music and dance pieces from different genres. Benjamin Kheng has also shared the stage with some other well-known singers, such as Dokken and Zimra Chowdhry. Benjamin Kheng has also formed a partnership with Hong Kong DJ Maikin Yip. They will be performing at the Hong Kong Music Festival from the first week of April, while touring the world.

Benjamin Kheng is a popular folk singer who can be recognized by his gentle, soothing vocals and his love for music. Benjamin Kheng is a member of the Hong Kong Rock Band, which is internationally renowned. He was also born in Singapore. If you are looking for a kong luau for your family’s next party or want to throw a fun ku-luh at a friend’s party, you should definitely check out Benjamin Kheng.

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