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Bernadette Peters Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth & Boyfriend

Bernadette Peters is one of the world’s best-selling actresses, known for her beautiful looks, sultry persona, her versatile voice, and her varied acting credits. She is best known for playing the roles of lead characters in more than one of her numerous acting assignments. Bernadette Peters was born in Ozone Park, New York on February 28, 1948. Over her lifetime, Bernadette has portrayed many different characters in film, music, TV, and theater. She has achieved a great deal of success, both in the small screen and in the larger one.

Bernadette was named a 2021 recipient of the Screen Actors Guild award for her outstanding performance as the title character in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”. Her other notable roles have been in “A Fish called Wanda” and “Election”. As of the present time, Bernadette is known to have a net worth of approximately two-hundred million dollars. Her vast earnings have enabled her to make a number of personal and business purchases including homes in both San Francisco and California, private islands in Hawaii, as well as a substantial amount of real estate in New York City and elsewhere. Her financial holdings are testament to her avaricious ways and hard work.

Bernadette’s wealth is predominantly comprised of real estate. She currently owns or rents twenty (21) residences across the country, as well as one in Canada. The age and type of each residence are listed on Bernadette’s web site. It should be noted, however, that her net worth is not solely comprised of these properties. As is often the case with the rich and famous, a great deal of Bernadette’s money is invested in art, collectibles, jewelry, antiques, money borrowed from family and friends, and the like. A representative image of Bernadette’s Net Worth can be seen at Bernadette Peters’ web site.

Bernadette and her husband, Michael, own and operate a small shop, Michael’s Acrylic Art Gallery, located in San Francisco’s Chinatown. It was created for the express purpose of promoting his daughter, Bernadette, art. The store features fine paintings by such renowned artists as Edvard Munch and Hans Memling. In addition, Michael’s gallery has a small selection of greeting cards and candles.

Bernadette’s wealth is reflected in the impressive collection of antique coins which she obtained over the years, many of which are considered very rare. In addition, she has been known to keep several gold coins and silver coins at various locations throughout the United States, as well as in various countries in Europe and Asia. Most of her coins are American gold bullion coins, but she has also acquired several foreign coins, including those from Great Britain and France. One of her most valuable collections is a set of four Chinese coins, which she obtained in the early 1970s while traveling through Hong Kong. Another set of coins was purchased by the late Dr. Harry W. B. Diehl, an internationally recognized expert on Chinese coins, for a total value of one million dollars.

NameBernadette Peters
Real NameBernadette Lazzara
Pet / Nick Name
NationalityUnited States
ProfessionFilm Actress, Television Actress, Singer, Author, Voice Artist
OriginUnited States

Age, Dob, Birthplace, zodiac, star sign

Bernadette Peters Age (Current)73 years, 3 month, 12 days
Date Of Birth (DOB)Saturday, February 28, 1948 (M/D/Y)Saturday, February 28, 1948 (M/D/Y)
BirthplaceNew York City, New York
Zodiac SignPisces
Star Sign (Nakshatra)

Bernadette is not alone in having a Net Worth, as it can be seen in the book, “The Wealth of Nations,” written by Darwinian paleo anthropologist, Charles Darwin. His net worth may be seen in the illustration of his “Pilgrim.” Darwin’s children, Henry and Louis, did not live to see their father reach the age of four, but they did witness his death, which occurred when he was nearly two hundred years old. Bernadette’s wealth is evident in her personal library, which was recently estimated to contain close to one thousand books.

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