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Bess Armstrong is an American actress, stage and screenwriter. She is most well known for her memorable roles in movies The Four Seasons, High Road to China, Jaws 3-D, and Nothing in Common. Bess Armstrong has also had lead roles in some made-for-television movies.

Bess Armstrong was born in Harlem, New York and was one of five children of African American servants inicker with their mistress. Bess’ mother always told Bess that she should be a doctor or a lawyer, but Bess preferred to be a girl like her mother, so Bess entered Miss Bess Armstrong Theater Arts School in Harlem, New York and got her start in drama at such places as The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan, New York City. Bess Armstrong always enjoyed acting till a point of her life where she had landed one or two major roles in movies. Then Bess decided to try her hand in writing books as well as playing in musicals, which she did for many years, until the series of “so-called life stories” that focused on her life, went on to become a bestseller. Bess Armstrong’s career then went through ups and downs, but she still managed to star in different popular television shows.

Bess Armstrong Net Worth – Wikipedia Bess Armstrong’s career as an actress began when she was cast as Gloria Jean in the first of the “So-Called Life” TV show, starting out as the show’s love interest. Bess Armstrong went on to play the character of Estelle Simmons in the second season of the show, before going on to star as the lead role in the TV movie, “The Graduate”, and finally Estelle in the fourth season of “So-Called Children’s Television Show” that ran for nine seasons on NBC. Bess also guest-starred in the same film as Gene Hackman as the headmaster at Campilee Elementary School, in the film “A Christmas Story”. Bess played the role of the headmistress at Sterling Retirement Communities in Beverly Hills, California.

Bess Armstrong’s Career – Wikipedia Bess Armstrong’s acting career spanned four seasons on the TV show of the same name, before Bess went onto to star in the films “A Christmas Story”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, and the much-awaited “The Graduate”. All these films resulted in positive reviews and helped Bess Armstrong wins rave reviews from critics and fellow actors alike. Bess was nominated for an Academy Award for her contribution to the film industry, but lost out to Julia Roberts for her role in “A Time to Kill”. Bess has also contributed to several stage plays, musicals and movies.

Bess Armstrong’s Career – TV Movies, Theatre and Movies One of Bess Armstrong’s first roles that got her noticed was in the television movie “The Bodyguard”. The role of Rosewood Blaine, a former swimming coach turned private investigator became a sensation, resulting in six seasons of syndicated TV shows on Fox, in addition to two more seasons on the big screen. Bess Armstrong did not succeed in achieving success with her theatre career, but she did have some excellent supporting roles, such as in “Mildred Loving”, opposite Goldie Hawn in “Old Stone Age”, as well as the lead role in “Gaslight” opposite Ed Harris. Her first notable TV movie role was playing the role of counselor Rachel Dawes in “That Leprechaun”, which was a spin-off of the successful film “ketchup kabob”.

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Bess Armstrong had a string of varied career for television, beginning with her memorable appearances on “That escalated everything!” as a nanny to socially challenged foster children in the 1980s, followed by her starring role in the successful “My Fair Lady” movies. She has also had guest spots on “Fantasy Island”, “Seinfeld”, “The Simpsons”, “That 70s Show” and “The X-Files”. Bess Armstrong was also a series regular on the short-lived “Happy Days” spin-off “Parks and Recreation” and guest-starred on “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” as Beachcomber Spouse Ellen DeGeneres.

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