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Bipasha Hayat Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Bipasha Hayat is an award winning actress from Bangladesh. Bipasha Hayat is from a prominent family, the Bipasha family is one of the most prominent families in Bangladesh. Bipasha Hayat was educated at both private and public school in Dhaka. Bipasha’s younger brother Chikara was sentenced to three years in prison for hijacking a cargo ship in 1994. Bipasha was sentenced to serve five years in jail.

BIRTHDAY 23 March, 1971 (Tuesday)
COUNTRY Bangladesh
AGE (in 2023) 50 Years Old
HEIGHT in centimeters- 165 cm in meters- 1.65 m in Feet Inches– 5′ 4”

Bipasha Hayat Biography Bipasha Hayat was born into a humble family. Bipasha’s parents were teachers. Bipasha was always interested in learning about history and foreign languages. Bipasha’s birth was marked by tragedy, as her mother died on the childbirth of Bipasha at the age of nine months. Bipasha was comforted by her elderly grandmother who believed that Bipasha’s spirit would guide her to become an actress.

Bipasha Hayat Biography Bipasha Hayat was educated at both private and public school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She was also educated at University College, Adelaide Australia. Bipasha was a member of the International Academy of Cinema at Adelaide, South Australia from the year 1980 until Bipasha Hayat turned eighteen years old. Bipasha Hayat attended the Australian National University in Perth, Australia from the year 1984 to study political science. Bipasha became a passionate student of film and photography.

Bipasha Hayat Biography Bipasha is portrayed as a fierce and bold women. According to biographies, Bipasha once said, “I never accept failure or anybody as an excuse for anything”. Bipasha wore her long hair in a bun and was often pictured with long straight black hair and dark eyes. Bipasha did not have much exposure to Western fashion, but according to her father, she liked Italian designer suits and beautiful women. Bipasha Hayat is thinking to have a dark brown skin and blue/green eyes.

Bipasha Hayat Biography Bipasha Hayat is one of the most successful movie actresses of all time. She is considered to be one of the best known and best loved actresses in the world today. Bipasha Hayat was born Bipasha Mumtaz Mahal in Bangladesh and was one of three children. Bipasha was shy and retiring as a child but through her association with other artists and writers, Bipasha Hayat experienced tremendous success in her career and was able to create some successful movies in her life.

Bipasha Hayat studied with two of the most prominent figures from her home country, in Delhi and London. She studied with Anjum Anand in Delhi while she was studying theatre at Raffles college in London. Bipasha Hayat studied a lot of literature and was known for her deep knowledge of Indian law and literature, English and psychology. She began her acting career after making an appearance in the popular Viva Glam soap opera, Friends. Bipasha Hayat had been cast as the love interest for Matt Damon in the popular film, Collateral.

Bipasha Hayat is an accomplished woman and has achieved many accolades over her life. Bipasha Hayat is well known for her success in both the visual arts and the theater. Bipasha Hayat’s early life also served as a backdrop to her early acting career. Bipasha Hayat was married twice, first to Hrithik Roshan who was one of the most successful Bollywood actresses of his time, and later to Rajkumar Kohli who was an important character actor in Rajkumar Kohli: Married Man. Bipasha Hayat is a very accomplished woman and has achieved many milestones in her early life and this has made her one of the best known and best loved actresses in Bollywood.

Bipasha Hayat’s acting career spanned almost twenty years and she was one of the very best known actresses of her time. She is known for her long and illustrious career, which began when she was just a student of Theater. Bipasha Hayat was born in what is now Bangladesh, but her childhood was spent in what is now India. Bipasha Hayat’s first big break came in the late eighties, when she was discovered by an English film director who was based in New Delhi.

Bipasha Hayat has achieved some amazing heights in her career. She was nominated for an Oscar for her first ever performance in an English language movie, Mein, seen in the US, Bipasha Hayat became a household name with her performance. She went on to star in some popular Hindi movies like Magadheera, Om Shanti Om, Pardi Kona, Ashok Kumar, Jodha Akbar’s Humko, and Bhumika in the movie Bhaagut! She has gone on to have a prolific career and is now a much sought after and much loved actress in Bollywood, India and all over the world.


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