Happy Brother’s Day Wishes in Hindi 2022

Happy Brother’s Day Wishes in Hindi is the day on which we express our love, care and gratitude to our brothers. This is the day which celebrates the tradition of celebrating brotherhood. It also highlights the importance of brotherhood among people of different communities and castes. The festival of Dusshera is also celebrated on this day. Both these festivals are the symbols of brotherhood.

Our father or our brother is the symbol of unity in our society. On this day, Indian brothers give their warm wishes to their brothers. This special occasion is observed to celebrate the tradition of the brotherhood among the people. The message of love and respect that the brothers show to their brothers on this day is the best gift of all. These days, with the rapid changes taking place in the lifestyles of people, the brotherhood has lost some of its values and meaning.

Happy Brother’s Day Wishes 2022

The best way to wish other people is to send them gifts. On this day, people send their best wishes to their brothers in return. There are various types of gifts available for the happy brothers. You can select from a wide range of items and gift items available in the market. Flowers and sweets are the traditional gifts, which are sent along with the gifts, but nowadays you can also send electronic items for the happy brother.

Happy Brothers Day Wishes in Hindi is celebrated on the last Sunday of the Hindu month of Magh (January) and is the day when family members and friends visited the house of a brother so that they can wish him and include him in the family. On this day, people throw beautiful decorative objects and plants in the brother’s house and the gifts are distributed among them. Along with the gifts, one can also send warm wishes and well wishes to his brother. However, in order to wish your brother on this auspicious occasion, you should follow few tips.

Brothers Day Wishes in Hindi

एक बहन के जीवन का ऐसा किरदार,
जो एक पिता, मित्र और भाई की भूमिका
और फर्ज पूरी लगन से निभाता है।

तुमने मेरी हर ख्वाहिश पूरी की,
अब मेरी ख्वाहिश है कि
तुम्हारी हर ख्वाहिश पूरी हो।
Happy Brother’s Day

इस छोटे भाई के जीवन में बड़े भाई की अहमियत पिता से थोड़ी भी कम नहीं,
क्योंकि हर तकलीफ के समय
तुम मेरे साथ जो खड़े होते हो।
Happy Brother’s Day
My Big Bro

याद है मुझे वो,
बचपन का लड़ना झगड़ना,
फिर एक हो जाना।
बड़ों से चुगली करना,
फिर पछता कर खुद ही रोना।
छोटी छोटी बातों पर रूठना,
और फिर मान भी जाना।
सब याद है मुझे।
Happy Brother’s Day

First of all, send your warm wishes and well wishes to your brother on the auspicious occasion of New Year. Then, if you wish to send electronic items as gifts, then you should wrap these electronic items with colourful ribbons. On the day of New Year, you should not look at your sister’s boyfriend or husband. This is because, your sister might feel offended if you do so.

On the very day of New Year, the sister should cook some sweets for her brother and give them to him. In fact, one should not eat any sweet item or fruit, unless he/she is eating it in behalf of the happy, national brother. Moreover, on this day, you should not give any gift or flowers to your sister unless she is the bride of the happy, national brother. Finally, it is advised to keep the brother’s birthday candle always lit, so that the flame of love still burns in your heart every time you look at the picture of your brother. Happy Brothers Day, a wish for you both!

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