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Bruno Sammartino Net Worth 2023, Career, Biography, Family & Personal Life

Bruno Sammartino is an Italian-American retired Professional Wrestler. He is a great player in wrestling history. In the two tournaments, he plays 11 years, everyone knows him by his ring name ‘The Italian Strongman. His full name is Bruno Leopoldo Francesco Sammartino. But, he plays one reign longest time at 2803 days as a single player. The two tournament name is World Wide Wrestling Federation & World Heavyweight Championship. After beginning his career, he earns the ‘The Living Legend’ title. In 2013, after his retirement, he joined the reunion program. And Terry Funk state that Bruno Sammartino bigger than the wrestling.

People are very interested to know details about Bruno Sammartino. So, we’re providing his personal Information, Family Information, Career Information, and Full Biography. It will help them get detailed information about him. So, let’s know his Net Worth (2023) and all other Data.

Bruno Sammartino Image
Bruno Sammartino Image

Bruno Sammartino Net Worth 2023

We notice that huge people search on the internet to know about Bruno Sammartino. So, if you want to know about his net worth, then read this post attentively. We can inform you that Bruno Sammartino’s net worth is almost 23 million USD. The information we collect from various sources. People also ask for his personal life information. To know more about his life, read the below part.

Career Information

Bruno started his career professionally on 17 December 1959 in Pittsburgh. And his first match was held on 2 January 1960 in New York City. He fought his first match against Bull Curry & he defeats him within 5 minutes. Sammartino says in his biography that McMahon set the game & he was don’t know about it. After that, he forced to go back to Pittsburgh & there he works as a labourer. In March 1962, his first debut in Toronto & very fast, he became a self-promoter on the newspapers & radio programs. Sammartino can speak the Italian language & it helps a lot to contact the population.

He won his first wrestling championship in September 1962 with Whipper Billy Watson. After that, he was challenge Lou Thesz two times in NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He won a cup by making a record he defeating Rogers in 48 seconds on 17 May 1963. And they faced each other two times. His Second World Heavyweight Championship reign is starting in 1973 & end in 1977. And he returned to WWF in 1984 & end the event in 1988.

Personal Life Information

He was born on 6 October 1935 in Pizzoferrato, Italy. And he was first married to Carol Sammartino in 1959. They have three children, and his son also a semi-wrestler. While you will try to know this height and Weight information, it is also available here. His height is 5 ft 10 inch & his weight is 120 kg. At the starting of his career, he was training under Ace Freeman & Rex Peery in his wrestling career.

After all, he retired from wrestling in 1987. He was doing his heart surgery in 2011, but when he was 82 years old, his many organs are not working very well, that’s why he died on 18 April 2018. World Wrestling Federation & all the people honoured his life by giving ten bell salute in Cape Town. Bill Peduto always remembers him as one of the ideal ambassadors of Pittsburgh. He is the best player in wrestling history.


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