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Call to India with Mobile App and Enjoy Lowest Call Rate 0.03$ per Minute to any Mobile and Landline number. There are many Android apps available which allow you were calling International Number for Free and at cheap rates. This time, we are sharing this App for the people living outside of India and Talk India maximum times.

It is not easy to call IMO or WhatsApp every time and every people. All people may not have the Smartphone and Active Internet Connection. So, when you get our Service, you can call to Any Indian Mobile Phone Number or Landline Number at Cheap Rate.

Welcome bonus

Every customer who will join us by Downloading our App will get 1000 Minutes Free as Trail. After completing the Free Minutes, you can enjoy this Call Rates to Call All India. Also, Our Unlimited Calling Package is available, which you can Purchase to Call India Unlimited times.

Install Indian Cheap Calling App

There are several Apps available for the people who are living outside India and Talk to the Country regularly. This Unlimited Calling Package is for them. If you talk Several times, you can use Pay as You go rates. It means you will be charged 0.03$ per Minute. So, let’s Install the below Apps and get the benefits. Remember that, Rebtel App is better for unlimited Calling, and Talk360 is better for Individual Calling. Both Apps can install quickly from Google Play Store.

Rebtel International Calling App

Using the Rebtel International Calling App, you can make phone calls to any country and send Mobile Recharge to any country. So, besides, using their Calling Service, you can recharge any Mobile Number quickly from everywhere. Visit to know more, or visit Google Play Store and Search with “Rebtel App” and then install it. You will get 1 Week of Free Calling (Unlimited) while Installing the App.

Rebtel International Calling App

Talk 360 Calls India App

 This App allows calling Any Indian Mobile Phone and Landline number anytime from anywhere. When you install the App, you will get the lowest Call Rate for every call. The Call Rate is 0.03$. Visit Google Play Store to install the App or visit to download the App directly.

Talk 360 Calls India App

If you face any kinds of Problem, You can contact them quickly. The customer support option is available on their App. You can also ask any question to the customer service to get a response shortly. Thank you for being with us.

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