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Callum Wilson Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height,Income, Weight & Wiki

Callum Wilson is currently an English football player who currently plays for Premier League side Newcastle United. His playing career so far has seen him become one of the best goalscorers in the history of the English game. A right-back by position, he plays left wing-back or even right wing if he is asked to play in a defensive role. He is primarily used as a right forward by manager Alan Pardew. But what does Callum Wilson have in common with other great English football players of the past? Let’s take a look at some of their finest traits.

Callum Wilson profil

Newcastle United
Birth date:
1992-02-27 (29 years old)

One trait that Callum Wilson possesses that many other football players of the past and present do not have is an impressive net worth. As per ESPN the player is worth an estimated $7 million (U.S.). This amount is almost double the combined total of the wages of his two best mates, Kevin Galligan and Alan Smith, who are also paid in the high double figures. Callum Wilson’s net worth is obviously the result of considerable earning potential and not necessarily because of sheer ability or natural-born ability.

Another reason why Callum Wilson stands out as a great football player of the recent era is that he plays in a relatively young age group in the EPL. It is rare nowadays to find a young goalkeeper at the age of 23 who is already being regularly called up by his national team and is regularly performing at a high standard. Some other young defenders and strikers such as Dele Alli and Romelu Lukaku are also rising to the occasion at club and international levels. Callum Wilson is one of the most exciting young goalscorers in the English top flight and shows immense promise. However, it is rare to see a promising youngster who commands such respect from his peers and the football world.

One of the key aspects of assessing an English striker is his ability to score goals. The majority of players in the English Premier League score about once or twice a season. This is not considered to be very good because it does not ensure consistent quality of play. It is much more important to look at the player’s ability to score goals on a regular basis and to do so consistently for clubs like Wolves, where Callum Wilson currently resides. His ability to play both centrally and on the left wing means that if he should develop into a suitable long term replacement for Jonny Evans at Wolves, his salary would certainly have been increased by a fair margin.

Comparing Callum Wilson’s earnings with that of another top EPL striker would be an exercise in futility because Evans, a much younger player, has already earned three times the weekly salary of Callum Wilson. This wage difference was primarily caused by the presence of domestic cup tournaments which Callum Wilson missed out on due to international duty. Wilson’s yearly salary is therefore more comparable to that of marquee players like Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane of Spurs, where he is earning around two thousand pounds per week. The wages of other top EPL strikers are more than a few times what Callum Wilson earns, even though their weekly wage is less.

Wilson currently plays for Wolves and is yet to earn a goal this season. Though he has only started playing professionally since the age of 16, many experts believe that he has immense potential as a professional football player. Though no official figure has been released yet, he is being rated as one of the best young talents in the EPL. For anyone who has the potential to become a high profile England international, as well as a talented football player with unparalleled skill, signing on with a top EPL side may very well be the step towards a successful career in international football.


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