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The birthday of Canada is celebrated on July 1 every year. The celebration marks the admission of Canada into the European and American Commonwealth nations after having been a province of British Columbia for only one year. On this day in 1767, a band of Free French Canadian Indians crossed the Americas to establish a new nation in the face of death, disease and war. They were greeted with an offering of friendship, and from that day forward, the two countries have been close neighbours and friends. Canada Day is a national holiday commemorating the anniversary of Confederation, which occurred 180 years ago the Canada day celebration..

The first settlers in Canada were French-Canadians who made their homes in Nova Scotia. They were followed by Irish and British immigrants who brought with them their cultures and language. When they left the country for New England and eventually America, they brought along with them a lot of their customs including some of their traditions like their Thanksgiving (act of giving thanks), their maple leafs and their national flag. Today, Canada has many very proud and diverse cultures and heritage, as well as an open door policy for immigrants. The country is still very much a developing nation and many immigrants are settling in cities such as Vancouver (part of Canada’s Pacific coast) and Toronto (one of Canada’s most cosmopolitan cities).

The spirit of friendship, love and peace which permeate Canada on July 15th is the legacy left by our ancestors. This was the day that the Fathers of Confederation gave each other a reason to be proud of their country. Canada Day is not a celebration of Canada alone; it is an occasion to celebrate all Canadians. While celebrating Canada Day is a way of showing pride and gratitude to Canada, it is not solely an American celebration. We have a lot of friends in Canada and we want them to know how much we are loved. On this very special day of Canada, let us remember the past and build a future without bias or partiality.

Canada is a diverse and rich country with a strong tradition of human rights, social progress and economic growth. It is true that Canada has a long history of fighting for social justice. For these reasons, July 15th is not only about Canada but also about the world. Let us pause for a moment and reflect on what it means to be Canadian, as a people and as a society.

Canada day History

July 1, 1917: The 50th anniversary of Confederation. The Parliament buildings, under construction, are dedicated to the Fathers of Confederation and to the courage of Canadians who fought in Europe during the First World War.

July 1, 1927: The 60th anniversary of Confederation. The Peace Tower Carillon is inaugurated. The Governor General at the time, Viscount Willingdon, lays the cornerstone of the Confederation Building on Wellington Street.

From 1958 to 1968: The government organizes celebrations for Canada’s national holiday every year. The Secretary of State of Canada is responsible for coordinating these activities. A typical format includes a flag ceremony in the afternoon on the lawns of Parliament Hill and a sunset ceremony in the evenings, followed by a concert of military music and fireworks.

The date which Canadians celebrate their national birthday, July 15th is known as Canada day in United States. On this day, we pay tribute to our ancestors, family and forefathers, as well as the contributions of all the peoples of Canada to the development of modern Canada. It is interesting to note that despite the recent trauma in relation to the economy of Canada, the spirit of Canada still shines through, as Canadians have always shown great tolerance towards others who were once considered enemies. On this very special July, we also remind ourselves that despite the differences we have faced, we are one people and have the same aspirations, dreams and desires for a better future. We all desire to live in peace and harmony with all the people of the world.

Canada’s sesquicentennial events are aimed at celebrating and teaching the importance of unity in diversity. Through various programs, many youth groups and special events, we try to raise awareness among the general public about the heritage, history and identity of our country. At the same time, we encourage reconciliation and respect for other nations, cultures and religions. Let us continue to live our values, and improve the conditions of the people in Canada, as well as the rest of the world, by celebrating one of the most popular public holidays of the year – July 15th, the sesquicentennial of Canada.

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