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Celest Chong is one of the more attractive faces on the Singapore Film Festival. She has been nominated for the best actress award in the best film category for the best two minutes at the 2000 Venice Film Festival. She is also a nominee for the best actress award for her role as a teen in the movie Home Till Morning. Most film critics agree that Celest Chong definitely has a nice face for the part of “Mandy”.

Celest Chong’s Net Worth: Celest Chong is relatively modest when compared to the other actresses we have seen in the Singapore films. As of this writing (Dec 2009), she is no closer to achieving the life-long salary many of the local actresses earn. Celest Chong is a Singaporean actor. In fact, Celest Chong is not even eligible to appear in an international film festival in the country due to a lack of a visa. In most countries, actors who are not Singaporean need to apply for a visa before they can enter the country to study. Celest Chong does not require a visa in order to study in Singapore, however, since her family is Singaporean, a simple trip over the border will get her over the required quota.

Celest Chong’s Net Worth: Celest Chong is very well known to the public. She has been featured in various local and international television shows, commercials, music videos, and movies. Her name is familiar to the public due to her long and colorful singing career in both the Singaporean and worldwide music industries. She has been nominated for the best actress award at the MTV Asia Awards. As of this writing (Dec 2009), Celest Chong is yet to win any major award at local or international film festivals.

First Name Celest
Last Name Chong
Profession Singer
Age 46 years old
Birth Sign Aquarius
Birth Date December 25, 1973
Birth Place People’s Republic of China
Country People’s Republic of China

Celest Chong is the only female Singaporean who has been listed on People’s Choice TV’s “Million Dollar List”. As of this writing (Dec 2009), she is the only non-singaporean member of the list. As the only non-Singaporean on the list, Chong must have been quite grateful for the exposure that she receives. On top of her acting and music career, Celest Chong has also established herself as a popular Singaporean TV host.

Celest Chong’s Career Path: After filming several Singaporean films, Chong began to focus on hosting various talk shows hosted by her friend, actress Cui Zhi Lin. As one of the hosts of the show, she discussed various current events from both Singapore and China, as well as her personal life. It was from this role that she earned the nickname “Celest Lady”. The show became very popular in Singapore, with many people watching it in between their morning coffee. Celest Chong then went on to star in several more popular Chinese television shows, including one that dealt with a love story set in China.

Celest Chong’s acting roles in both the television shows and movies catapulted her to stardom status in the Singapore film industry, attracting the attention of national and international film investors. Over the years, Celest has developed a large body of work which would span all genres of film, whether it be romantic or comedy. Some of her more popular roles include the lead role in the hit movie A Walk Among the Doctors, as well as the villainous role of Yaphet Kock in the movie Tai Chi Chuan. Additionally, Celest Chong also enjoyed a successful role as the love interest of Bruce Willis’ character in the action thriller Kill Bill. All of this success has allowed Celest Chong to become one of the best-known Chinese actresses in the world.

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