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Chen Shucheng Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Chen Shucheng is well known Chinese actor and singer. His career began in the 1980s when he went to study at the Beijing University of Arts and his performance was noticed by many people. After this, he went to study at the Beijing University of Theater and his first performance in that theater group was in the musical opera “Zhou Li”. After that he had some smaller roles in movies such as “Shrek” and “Bei Hong Kong” and finally went on to have a series of role in TV series and of course enjoyed his current role in the hit movie “Chen Xiaoming” which was highly popular in China and became the year’s box office hit.

Chen Shucheng is an entertainer who sings and dances very skillfully. He has played different characters in the television shows ranging from bad guys to good guys and even villains. Some of his roles are “Xu Xian” or “Xu Zhi”, “Xu Linfa”, “Xu Jiu Jie” or “Xu Zhi Rou Gui”, “Xu Hong Kong” or “Xu Shu Yin”. He has also played a bad guy in the TV series “The Good Wife” and had another small role in the movie “Yi Tian Jiejiao” where he plays a villain. All these were among his first roles after he had studied at the Beijing University of Arts.

Chen Shucheng was born in 1965 in Hong Kong and studied at the Beijing University of Arts for three years. He then went on to study at the Central University of Education in Taipei, Taiwan where he pursued his degree in psychology. While in Taiwan he joined the Nanyang University School of Psychology and got a master’s degree in that subject. He worked for four years in Nanyang to gain experience and to get acquainted with the local culture.

After a couple of years in Taiwan he returned to China and started to work at the Beijing Medical University. He joined the faculty of the school of social sciences and got interested in researching the relationship between culture and society. This led him to write many articles on socio-drama and Chinese social problems. Chen Shucheng became very well known in Taiwan and around the world when he performed in a national talent contest organized by the Ministry of Education in Taipei. His performance won him a place in the Taipei National Culture Festival and he became the first non-Taiwanese artist to be chosen for this prestigious award. In the same year, Chen Shucheng received the Order of the British empire OBE (honorary) which is the highest award that can be bestowed to an artist.

Chen Shucheng returned to China and worked at the Central Institute of Social Sciences and later at Xian University in Beijing. He wrote more social studies articles and later focused his attention on the relationship between Taiwan and China. One of his major works is called the Taiwan Mutual Understanding Program wherein he focused on the relationship of Taiwan citizens and China citizens. It is due to these efforts that Chen Shucheng became well known to the outside world.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Chen Shucheng
Occupation Actor
Age 71
Date of Birth October 21, 1949
Place of Birth Singapore
Star Sign Libra
Country Singapore
Gender Male


Birthdate 21-Oct
Day of Birth Friday
Year of Birth 1949
Birth Sign Libra
Birth Sign Duality Assertive
Birth Sign Modality & Element Cardinal Air
Opposite Sign Aries

In late 2023 Chen Shucheng received the Best Excellence medal by the National Academy of Arts and Sciences. The award was made possible by Chen Shucheng’s work” Taiwan: A Study in Chinese Societies and Economies”, which were published in the spring of 2023. In this book, Chen Shucheng presented his research on Taiwan and China as well as the relationship between the two. The study showed how economic development in China has impacted Taiwan and how the Taiwanese have turned to China for their economic needs. It also showed that the Taiwanans have turned to China as they had found economic peace and security from the Chinese government.

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