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Chen Xiaoxu Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Chen Xiaoxu is a Chinese actor and martial artist known by different names in different time periods. She is known by different names such as Linxiaxiaxia Niu, Chen Xiaoxu Pu, and Chen Xiaoxu Dushi. In the late 1990s, Chen Xiaoxu was a star alongside Chow Siu Keng in a popular television series titled Kung Hei. In that series, the two characters were rivals who constantly bickered back and forth.

The most familiar name by which Chen Xiaoxu is known is Miao Zhen, the original form of which is derived from Chinese martial arts. But in the late 87 version of Kung Hei, Chen Xiaoxu changed her name to Chen Xiaoxu Di (pronounced “ching xiaox ui di”), which is translated to “little fox daughter”. Miao Zhen was then made into a series of TV shows and movies, which have been made into popular Chinese super-star flicks, with Chen Xiaoxu appearing in every one of them. She was most known for her role of Lin Feng in King of the Hill, and later in House of Flying Daggers, as well as Zhu Jiong in Romance of Ayah and Chensheng in Gone with the Wind.

Chen Xiaoxu is currently married to Li Xiaojie, who is a member of the Provisional Buddhist Church. They are the parents of three children and are thought to have been blessed with five children by Buddha. In some versions of history, Chen Xiaoxu was said to be the wife of Chen Yi, who is also famous as the father of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee’s first known role was that of a stuntman in the movie Bruce Lee: An Hour to Remember. This has led to speculation that Chen Yi did in fact marry her, and that this is why he had the physique to look like Bruce Lee and therefore changed his name to Chen Xiaoxu.

Full Name Chen Xiaoxu
Occupation actress
Age 41
Date of Birth October 29, 1965
Place of Birth Anshan, Liaoning
Star Sign Scorpio
Country China
Gender Female
Net Worth $1 million – $3 million
Annual Salary Under review
Source of Income actress
Verification Status of Wealth Not verified

Chen Xiaoxu attended the Beijing University for four years, before going on to thectors. At the same time, she worked in CCTV studios as an actress for about eight years. It was here that she met Chen Yi, who was then an actor, and they began to spend more time together. It was in 2023 that they were introduced to each other, and Chen Xiaoxu asked him to marry her, on February 16th, the day after Chen Yi gave birth to their son. Chen Xiaoxu gave birth to Chen Yi’s son, named Chen Fan, on March 6th.

There is a possibility that the name Chen Xian or Chen Ying is a variation of two words, one is “hanxian” which means “grandfather and grandmother” while the other word, “xiaoxu” means “mountain streams”. However, there is no conclusive evidence linking these names, and it is also possible that they are unrelated. It is also important to note that even today, some believe that Chen Xian is the real name of Chen Xiaoxu. It should also be remembered that Chen Xiaoxu was at the time the most wanted man in China, so almost anyone who knew anything about Chinese matters, would have heard of them and had information about their relationship.

There is much speculation about the exact circumstances of how and when Chen Xian and Chen Xiaoxu first met, but the legend has become part and parcel of Chinese history and culture, with many years later, more elaborate theories being written about them. Most believe that it was in Chen Xian’s youth, at around sixteen he left home to live in Japan where he became known as Chen Xian Zong, and this is where he met and fell in love with Taekwondo practitioner and martial artist, Chi Lin. However, Taekwondo masters do not believe this, and instead point to records that show that Chen Xian did attend class, and that he was known as Chen Ying before his marriage to Taekyong, which occurred some eight to ten years later. Whatever the original version of events, over the many years that followed, Chen Xian and Taekyong spent numerous hours training together, and before their marriage on the beach, Chen Xiaoxu left their martial arts training to pursue a career in literature, traveling to Japan and then further east to study Buddhism.


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