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Chen Yunshang Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Chen Yunshang is known today as a popular figure in the Chinese world. She is a leading Chinese actor and singer, known for her flawless face and long, silky hair. She has had many popular roles in Hollywood, and continues to be greatly respected for her amazing physique. Born in 1913 Chen Yunshang became a well-known singer and actress in the Great World of Chinese Musicals and Dance. After that she decided to make a name for herself as an accomplished and respected actress, who would also go on to gain a reputation as a choreographer and a pianist.

In 1950 she was one of the first Chinese women to be seen on the screen in a major motion picture. This was the film Springtime (aka Summer on East Side), which starred Chen Yunshang as well as Ding Shi Lin. The following year she appeared in Another Man in Her Life, which again starred Chen Yunshang and this time, the film won the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival. Then came Chinese director Renqiao Jia, who wanted Chen to star alongside him in his new movie that was to be directed by Yang Hanyung. Chen accepted the role and went on to deliver a great performance in the movie, which was eventually released in China in 1960.

Then in late November of that year, another Chinese actress by the name of Chen Yunshang was in the news for a different reason. She had been arrested on charges of causing bodily injury to an actor during the filming of a Chinese movie. The charges were later reduced to a misdemeanor. However, it was enough to tarnish her name and career in the Chinese film industry.

Chen Shih-Yen had a short stint in Hollywood before retiring to Taiwan. However, in the mid-1940s she was back in the spotlight again in Hong Kong. In the film revival of the Szechuan movie genre that had begun just a few years earlier, Chen was cast as the beautiful Lady Baekling. Her association with the classic Kung Fu movies made her even more famous in both the east and the west. She also appeared in various other movies in the region and in American television in the early noughties.

In the mid-1990s, Chen Shih-Yen suffered a stroke which resulted in permanent paralysis of her left side of her body. Her career then went into a slump. However, in 2023 she appeared in the movie A Woman Loves Two Persons, which was well received in China and overseas. Since that time she has appeared in various other movies, most of which have been made in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Her most recent movie, Mulan, which is based on the works of Huang Diaries, has been produced in both the United States and China and is set to be released in the US in April of 2023.

Chen Shih-Yen’s life has also been touched by the opium war between China and the West. She was actually in attendance when the first Opium War happened in November of 1943. She was captured by the Japanese and was later held as a prisoner of war. Her memoirs, published in 1947, were a harrowing ordeal for her. She was forced to write about her experiences in the silk dress, where there was no clothing except for the silk itself. She was subjected to many tortures, such as being made to eat the poisonous tea, being given drugs, being forced to see naked men, and many other tortures.


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