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Cheryl Chin was a famous Chinese American entertainer and singer who had a long and successful career singing and acting in films and television. She was born in segregated Mississippi. She sang with many groups throughout her lifetime and was nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Song”, “Who Loves Me”. She went on to have hits such as “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “I’maded to Go” and “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”. Following her time in Hollywood, Cheryl Chin became a member of the American rock band Highway to Hell, and later went on to star in her own television show, Cheryl Chin Family.

Cheryl Chin Net Worth Cheryl Chin was listed as the highest paid actress on the People’s Choice Awards’ list for the sixth year in a row. She is also listed on the American Film Institute’s list of the most popular actresses of all time. Cheryl Chin’s salary, how much she made per year, is estimated at about $55 million. Cheryl Chin Net Worth, Cheryl Chin’s salary, has been calculated at somewhere between forty-five and fifty million dollars over the past couple of years. She is also reported to make about forty thousand dollars per year as an actress in Malaysia.

Cheryl Chin has a body size that is between five feet six inches and five feet nine inches. Her height is between two feet and three feet. Cheryl Chin has brown eyes and dark skin. Her complexion is pale to a light tan. Cheryl Chin was married to Richard Chin, the writer of several famous works of literature. They have three children, ages four, two and one, are living in Beverly Hills, California.

Cheryl Chin’s official website does not list her net worth or salary. However, on more than one occasions Cheryl Chin has featured her mother and father on her personal web page in an attempt to emphasize her financial security. Cheryl Chin’s mother, Vivienne Ong, is a member of the entertainment elite. Cheryl Chin’s father, however, is not in the upper echelon of Hollywood money men.



Bio / Wiki
Full Name Cheryl Chin
Occupation Instagram Star
Age 19
Date of Birth June 18, 2001
Place of Birth Malaysia
Star Sign Gemini
Country Malaysia
Gender Female

Birthday, Age & Zodiac Sign:

Cheryl Chin birthday is on 18-Jun-01 and she was born on Monday. She is now 19 years old. Cheryl sun sign is Gemini and her birth flower is Rose or Honeysuckle.

Birth date 18-Jun
Day of Birth Monday
Year of Birth 2001
Birth Sign Gemini
Birth Sign Duality Assertive
Birth Sign Modality & Element Mutable Air
Opposite Sign Sagittarius

Cheryl Chin is currently filming her new movie “The Perks of Being Rich” with her ex-husband, Todd Bridges. This is the movie where Cheryl Chin will play herself, an agent whose real name is Vivienne Ong. It is interesting to note that Cheryl Chin apparently did not know what her net worth was when she accepted an offer to star in this film. As of the writing of this article, she has yet to receive a payment of any kind from “The Perks of Being Rich.”

The bottom line is that we do not know what Cheryl Chin’s salary is, how much of it is made by working for herself, and whether or not she is truly a millionaire. We do, however, know that she is listed as the president and creative force behind the popular Malaysia-based entertainment company called Pink Eye Entertainment. Cheryl Chin’s estimated net worth is at least a million dollars. This is the financial wealth of some very rich people in our modern world. While no one can be exactly sure of what Cheryl Chin’s exact net worth is, it is clear that she is not a millionaire.

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