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Chris Daniels Biography, Birth Day, Career, Net Worth, Family

Chris Daniels, a British comedian, and multi-hyphened social media star is highly popular in Japan. Chris Daniels is currently a successful Japanese Star from the United Kingdom. Chris Daniels is an online vlogger and YouTube comedian and social media personality popularized on YouTube and social media networks in Japan. Chris is married with two kids. Chris Daniels has created his own sketch show which he executive produces and has appeared in several Japanese Vlogs and comedy sketches.

Chris Daniels was born in Southern California and grew up on a dairy farm near Corning, W.VA. Chris liked to play soccer and tennis growing up and always fell sick of people asking him where he did his summer vacation. He then entered college and studied journalism at the University of Southern California. Chris now works in marketing communications in San Francisco as a communications executive for a public relations firm. Chris was raised in San Diego.

BIRTHDAY: April 29, 2003
BIRTHPLACE: United States
AGE: 18 years old

Chris Daniels first came across YouTube when he was just a young adult and got hooked. He made a few short films that showed him in a comedic light, but his true talent came through in his first feature film called Zoolander (Chris’s first independent movie). Chris is extremely likable and is funny in real life. Chris is well respected and lends credibility to any discussions on culture war issues.

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