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Chris Hemsworth Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Career, Lifestyle & More

About Chris Hemsworth (aka Chris) is an Australian actor best known for his role as Marvel Comics’ favorite comic book character, Thor. Chris has made quite an impact on the Hollywood film industry by rescuing the Marvel universe and by swinging his hammer on the dime as Thor. He also starred in the successful X-Men series. Chris Hemsworth is one of the favorites among actors from the X-Men cast.

Body measurements of Chris Hemsworth do indeed fit into the realm of the average Aussies. This is because of two major things – his size and his strength. Chris Hemsworth is a muscular Aussie which is a combination of his father’s background in rugby and his time as a body builder. As a result, Chris has a solid build that would allow him to easily take on all activities that require physical exertion.

Chris Hemsworth was born in Month when September and October are considering the off peak months for baby births in Australia. This means that Chris was just a month and a half older than the average Australian when he appeared in the second installment of the franchise. Chris has said that he was very surprised when he received the script for the second installment of the Avengers movie and realized that he would be playing the role of the evil villain, Dr. Doom. Since then Chris Hemsworth has gone on to play a number of memorable characters in the franchise including the warlord Thanos in the first movie and a number of supporting characters in the second film as well.

Chris Hemsworth’s full name is Chris Hemsworth. The first name is a shorten version of his original name which was John Hemsworth while he was still known as Chris Roberson. The Australian actor came from a family that has always played important roles in the country’s cultural history. As a result, Chris went on to study acting at the Royal Ballet in Melbourne, Australia where he earned a degree in drama.

Real NameChris Hemsworth
NicknameNot Known
Date of Birth11th August 1983
Age (as of 2021)34 years old
Birth PlaceMelbourne, Australia
Currently Living InByron Bay, New South Wales,


Height (approx.)190 cm, 1.9 m or
6 foot 2 inches
Weight92 kg (203 pounds)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
ParentsCraig Hemsworth and

Leonie Hemsworth

Marital StatusMarried
RelationshipElsa Pataky married

since 2010

Chris Hemsworth’s real name is also the real last name of his real father, which is Robert Hemsworth. Chris was actually named after his real father, who was a director on some of the best films of the year which has earned him a number of awards including an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. It was this experience which would further define the depth of Chris Hemsworth’s Australian upbringing. In fact his real father has never been mentioned or featured in Chris Hemsworth’s many movies. So what does this mean to you when you research Chris Hemsworth’s Australian net worth?

There are many ways to determine a film’s overall success and Chris Hemsworth is certainly one of the most important additions to the cast of the upcoming Marvel Studios movie, The Avengers. But before you go looking for his movies you should be aware of how much money the role is going to cost you. You may not be familiar with the other members of the Avengers cast, but just about everyone knows about Thor and Iron Man. There is little chance that Hemsworth will be compared to any of these characters when compared to the likes of Chris Evans, Anthony Hopkins and Samuel L. resembled the characters. Therefore the chances of an Australian Spider-Man film performing well are slim if not impossible.

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