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Christian Leave Bio, Age, Height, Relation, Nationality, Wiki/Bio, Wife, Boyfriend(s)

Christian Leave

Christian Leave was born in Oklahoma. He is an American Graphic Artist. He was born on 02 Feb 2023 in Oklahoma, United State. His mother tongue is English. Christian Leave is an American artist in United State.

Christian Leave was brought up as Christian and his Christian name was Michael Rayburn. Christian is originally from Ohio but now lives in California. Christian has been married to Jessica Simpson for the last nineteen years. Christian’s mother is from United States of America and Christian’s father was from Ireland. Christian worked as a draftsman for several companies in United States of America.

Christian’s net worth is about five million dollars. Christian is about twenty-one years old. Christian’s career goal is to be an architect and Christian’s salary is about seven thousand dollars. Christian’s net worth is about forty million dollars. Christian’s net worth is about six hundred thousand dollars.

Christian has been a Christian internet marketer for many years. Christian is the founder of Christian Dating website. Christian has also been a Christian singer, songwriter and Christian actor. Christian is an American celebrity internet marketer. Christian is also a Christian writer and Christian musician. Christian is also a Christian social media personality.

birthday poem on his twitter page. Christian has become well known to his online fans as Christian Leave, and he has left a lasting, yet subtle impression upon his fans.

Christian is from California and was born and raised in Oklahoma. Christian’s step mother with two sisters who are also famous people. Christian’s parents have been married for nineteen years and Christian’s mom is Christian music industry executive. Christian’s biological father was in the army and Christian’s step dad was an engineer. Christian has had six sisters and one brother.

Christian’s net worth is about seven thousand dollars. Christian’s salary is around seven thousand dollars a year. Christian’s full name is Christian Lewis Price. Christian’s love life is pretty happy as Christian is tall and strong. Christian is about six feet three inches tall and weighs about one hundred seventy pounds.

Christian is a good athlete and did fairly well in football. Christian is about half an inch in height and weighs eighty pounds. Christian’s Wikipedia bio states, “Age is not a factor for Christian. Christian is not very concerned with physical appearance but is more concerned with achieving his own sense of confidence and independence.”

Short Profile
First Name Christian
Last Name Leave
Profession YouTube Star
Age 19 years old
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Date May 1, 2000
Birth Place Oklahoma
Country Oklahoma

Christian’s brother Christian is another famous person. Christian’s younger brother Christian is six foot two inches tall and weighs approximately one hundred fifty pounds. Christian is a big fan of Christian Leave’s first album and has said that Christian is his favorite artist. Christian’s wiki biography states Christian was brought up in California and his father worked in the semiconductor chips business.

Christian’s brother Christian is also famous as Christian Leave. Christian is not as concerned with height as Christian Leave’s biological father was and Christian’s height is only six feet two inches. Christian’s favorite band is Pink Floyd. Christian’s bio on Christian Leave’s wiki page states Christian was born in Los Angeles, California and that Christian had wanted to be an actor since he was five years old but was never cast as an actor.