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Christina Ricci Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Christina Ricci is a professional artist and fashion designer. She has been involved in the modeling industry since the early 1990s. In that time she has also been an accessory model for numerous brands as well as an apparel model. Her career was highlighted in her role as the singer” Christina Aguilera” on the television series “The Suite Life of Attorney”. As of today Christina Ricci’s net worth is estimated to be around $22 million.

A good way to determine Christina Ricci net worth is to determine her age and height. The actual age of Christina Ricci is 65 years old. Her height is listed at only 5 feet, which is not particularly surprising given that she is a famous singer with a rather small frame. In fact, Christina Ricci height is listed at only 5 feet, which is even more surprising given that she is a famous actress with a rather large frame.

Christina Ricci Net Worth was most recently listed at a reported $22 million dollars. This information comes from the information provided on the Christina Ricci Bioghraphy website. The amount of Christina Ricci Net Worth is based upon several different measurements. Those measurements include Christina Ricci height and weight as well as the Christina Ricci Net Worth measurement. This information comes from the Christina Ricci website, which was obtained from the public records database. These numbers were calculated by using Christina Ricci’s full name as well as her birth date.

Christina Ricci Contact Details

Phone Number: As of now, due to a security issue we can not publish her personal mobile phone number. We hope that’s fine with you too.

Whatsapp Number: Not Available

Email ID: Not Available

Official Website: Not Available

Telephone Number: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

Fan Mail Address: Christina Ricci Management 360 9111 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5508 USA

Office Address: Not Available

House/Residence Address: Santa Monica, California, U.S.

Christina Ricci Social Media Profiles

Christina Ricci is a very famous person on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube  & more. Her profiles are watching by millions of her fans regularly. If you can’t find her phone number, email & website then you may contact with her using her social media websites. We shared her all verified official social media websites list in below.

Facebook Page:

Twitter Account:

Instagram Handle:

YouTube Channel: Not Available

Snapchat Id: Not Available

Christina Ricci Biography

Christina Ricci is an American Actress and Producer. She was born February 12, 1980 in Santa Monica, California, United States. She performs for Hollywood Movies and Television Series. Christina Ricci has an estimated net worth of $18 million dollars. She featured for her roles in films, Mermaids, The Addams Family, Now and Then, The Ice Storm, Sleepy Hollow, Monster, Pumpkin, Anything Else, Black Snake Moan, Speed Racer, The Smurfs etc.

Christina Ricci born in USA to Ralph Ricci and Sarah. She has three siblings named Rafael Ricci and Dante Ricci and Pia Ricci. She went to Glenfield Middle School and then Montclair High School and then Morristown Beard School and then attended Professional Children’s School. Christina Ricci is married to James Heerdegan on 2013. Her ethnicity White, Birth Sign Aquarius and Nationality American.

Christina Ricci Personal Life

Real Name: Christina Ricci

Date of Birth: February 12, 1980

Profession: Actress, Producer

Height: 5 ft 1 in or 155 cm

Parents: Ralph Ricci and Sarah

Husband: James Heerdegen (m. 2013)

In addition to Christina Ricci’s name and birth date, her exact birth date was not included with the data. This means that this information must be verified by using other sources. There are several reasons as to why someone would want to verify this information. One of the most common reasons is so that they can see how much their hair color matches that of Christina Ricci. Also, anyone who is interested in her career can get an idea of how much money she made last year by looking up her net worth.

The data that is listed here shows a rather interesting number. Out of all of the people who have been mentioned in this article as having an average or above average IQ, James Heerdegen is the only one who is over the age of 18 million dollars. This also means that he appears to be an extremely intelligent person. It also means that he has managed to make some money through acting. This is somewhat strange, because he was mentioned above average in some regards during his time in college.

Some other interesting figures for Christina Ricci include the fact that she was a professional ball player in college and also spent a good deal of time in Southern California as a kid. It should also be noted that she is the only female of the original Burt Reynolds family who has managed to maintain a net worth of over 22 million dollars. People like to compare Christina Ricci to another famous actor and comedian such as Carol Burnett, even though both girls were much younger than Christina Ricci. However, the comparisons between these two women and the rest of the famous women in their lives to prove that no one is actually more talented or smarter than the others.

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